Saturday, April 7, 2012

Goals for Spring Break

So, I haven't gone anywhere during Spring Break and don't have any plans going anywhere during the rest of the break, which means that I have nothing to do but what I want to do. That is why I've decided to make up the most of my time at home to accomplish these tasks:

  • write at least five reviews
  • finish writing other posts that I started but never continued to write
  • read at least five books
  • read at least four manga and/or graphic novels
  • watch at least three movies
  • write at least two poetry responses
  • watch an anime
  • start looking over my AP Calc. review guide
  • vacuum my room
  • clean my desk
  • hang out with my friends
  • maybe start reading Wuthering Heights (...most likely not :P)
  • take scenic shots around Houston County for contest
  • listen to an audiobook
  • fix my Kindle Touch
  • get a trim

Obviously the crossed out ones mean that I've completed them already. As of right now, I've already finished half of them! :)

(Have you noticed that I've really gotten into making lists lately? Am I finally becoming organized?! XD)


  1. Hi. I'm stopping by from the A-Z challenge and your blog title caught my eye. I like how you chose to list your goals for "G". Clever. Although I'm not on spring break and I'm guessing I'm about 20 or so years older than you, we do share one common goal, to finish some blog posts that we have started. Also, I like Far East Movement. :)

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately, my Spring Break is over, which saddens me greatly. I didn't do everything that I had planned to, but I wasn't expecting to, so it's all good. :) And I can't wait to see Far East Movement this weekend! XD