Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Photography Techniques

My advanced graphic communication class is actually split up into two different classes: advanced graphic communication (graphics) and advanced photography. Because of this, we have different assignments half of the time, and the other half is when our assignments overlap and we end up learning from each other. Last semester, we focused more on graphics, and this semester, we're focusing more on photography.

As we were learning about pinhole cameras and other photography stuff, I learned some technical terms that described how pictures are taken, and I thought I'd show you show some of them. They're pretty basic, and I'm pretty sure that you've unknowingly used these techniques before, too.

When Krista came over during Spring Break, we went for a walk and decided to take pictures of a basketball that she was dribbling around. Before I knew it, we were trying to come up with the most creative ways to place the ball, unconsciously using a bunch of photography techniques. 

The most common techniques that we used were perspective, angle, patterns, texture, repetition, contrast, and background. Some others were lighting, reflection, and framing.

Guess which techniques were used for each picture. You can use more than one technique for most of the pics. 

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  1. i love the pictures! I'm also featuring photography on today's post:)
    Happy A-Zing!