Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Series I'd Like to Start But Haven't Yet

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Wow, this sounds like the story of my life right now, lol. So many books I want to read but don't have the time to do so. :P 

Although, I never realized how many trilogies I've wanted to start reading until just now. Funny how just a few years ago, we were all bemoaning the fact that most books were epically long series and didn't have anything shorter, and now most new book series are trilogies. I guess authors paid attention to the trends after all. :P

Top Ten Series I'd Like To Start But Haven't Yet

I found Tahereh Mafi's blog before she even published her first book, so I was super excited to get a copy of Shatter Me when it first came out. I really had the intentions of reading it as soon as possible, but I don't remember anymore why I still haven't read it yet, especially with the sequel coming out soon, too.

It's got cross-dressing and pirates, my two favorite things ever. How can I not read this series? Plus, I've only heard great things about the books. However, there are already five books out, and they're all pretty thick, so I've been intimidated on reading them ever since I've been running out of time to read.

Another series that I heard nothing but good things about but still haven't gotten around to reading. What's worse is the fact that I received a copy for review a couple of months after it was released and still never got around to reading it. -__-" 

Gah, I love fantasy books that involve wars and elite fighting styles, and this one's summary does not seem to disappoint. Not to mention, there are powers in this world! Another thing I love (so long as the main character doesn't become a Mary Sue.)

Assassins! Yet another topic that I love reading about! And yet another super thick book that I feel like I wouldn't be fully enjoying while trying to read on a time-crunch every week. 

Another trilogy that I really wish to read! The summary sounds so awesome! And it's fantasy and involves kings and queens, so of course, this is a must-read! (Eventually.)

My sis has been telling me to read this series ever since her friend lent her her books. And if you haven't realized it by now, I love reading fantasy books with royalty.

This is a contemporary series that I've been meaning to read for a while. I've only heard good things about it, and I've read one of E. Lockhart's other book before and enjoyed it, so I'm pretty sure I'll like this series as well. Plus, the books are pretty short, so they'd be quick reads, but I have all but the last book, so I've been meaning to get the last one before I start it...

This is, like, the most popular contemporary series that I've heard of so far from various book bloggers. Probably because the couple actually goes through real situations that many people can sympathize with. All I know is that I bought the whole series on sale for my Kindle and have yet to read it because I don't read ebooks much.

I did not realize that Kai Meyers is a German author until a few seconds ago, lol. But yeah, that just makes me even more eager to read this trilogy because I love reading foreign authors since their writing styles are different from American. Not to mention, this trilogy is about mafias! After reading so many awesome mafia AU's, I'm definitely excited to read this trilogy. Now I just have to wait to find time to read such a thick book. :P

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