Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kpop Appreciation Post: SHINee, Infinite, Teen Top, NU'EST, B.A.P.

I haven't made one of these in a while, and so this is going to be yet another long post, lol.

There were so many comebacks in this past month! :L So many awesome songs!

SHINee finally released "Dream Girl," and I really liked it! I love the choreography! It's really cool how they incorporated the mic-stand in their dances. And the song is definitely catchy, lol. I'm glad the chorus is mainly in English, since those are the only lines I know. OTL And Taemin actually sings more in here!! I love it! His voice isn't as powerful as Jonghyn's or as smooth as Onew, but it's definitely nice, and I'm so glad that he's actually singing more.

As for the music video...I am not a huge fan of Taemin's pants, lol. Although their outfits aren't that bad as some of their other concepts. :P And the set is actually really cool! I love the dreamy, whimsical quality of the whole song. :D

And I love how SM got a bunch of their label's managers to do a dance cover to this song, lol. Everyone knows how intricate SHINee's dances are. But yeah, they got Super Junior, EXO, f(x), SHINee, and SNSD's managers to do this. I'm just assuming that this is how normal people attempt to dance to SHINee's songs. :P

Infinite just had a comeback around a week ago! :D I only knew because a couple of blogs that I follow on Tumblr were reblogging a bunch of gifs from their teasers, lol. I about died when I saw all of their teasers, they were so cute!

Check them out! Someone was nice enough to put them all in one video. :D

"Man in Love" definitely has the Infinite feel that they're songs are known for, lol. I guess that's why I really loved it; I have yet to be disappointed with anything they've put out so far. :1 Like with B.A.P., Infinite actually manages to incorporate rapping and singing really well. I guess it's because both groups have two rappers, so there are more lines of rapping in their songs? I don't know, but I definitely like it, lol. And the chorus is catchy as always, lol.

As for the music video itself, I liked it even though the beginning was kind of confusing! :P They all look so cute, omg! Lol, I'm just surprised that they went with the flower boy concept. Like, most rookie groups debut with that type of concept and then get more mature as they have more comebacks, but Infinite decided to do the opposite, going from awesomely mature with "The Chaser" to a cute guys in "Man in Love," lol.

But seriously, they're all so cute! I about died when I saw Sungjong playing with the kitten! And when it licked his nose! asldkfj CUTE. And L was such a dork! Lol, like, he was showing Myungsoo when he was filming, instead of his cool counterpart, L. :P And Dongwoo looked so cute and his smile was adorable, and the lighting for everything was nice and everyone looked overall very cuddly, lol.

Teen Top had a comeback near the end of last month, but since I don't really pay attention to Kpop outside of Tumblr blogs, I didn't really know about it until recently. -__-" But I'm definitely loving their new song! It's so damn catchy! And because of Tumblr, I think that I will be spending my weekend getting to know them, lol, since they seem like a crazy fun bunch. XD

The music video is pretty fun, although pretty illogical, lol. Like, I think they're in prison--or are they sent to prison since they're in a classroom when they were given their jumpsuits? And then all of them are in a jailcell together, but there's only two beds, lol. And then it jumps to them in a school hallway??? But either way, it's a really fun video, which goes great with it's fun song. :D

Ugh, I can't get the chorus out of my head, lol. And the dance doesn't seem to be that hard to do! At least parts of it, lol (everyone knows that Teen Top has some intricate dances :P). They even have a video tutorial of how to do some of their dances, which I thought was pretty awesome. B.A.P. did one for "One Shot" and NU'EST did one for "Hello" too. :D

And finally, NU'EST had a comeback last month, too! I really like their newest song, "Hello"! It's a much mellower song compared to all of the ones that I've mentioned above, which is really refreshing. But it's still really catchy, especially the chorus. I really like this group even though I haven't really gotten to know them, lol. I've liked all of their songs so far, so I wasn't surprised that I liked "Hello". :L It's just that, even though I liked their songs, they never really stuck with me...Like, they were catchy, but they never really got stuck in my head, so I easily forgot about them until I heard them again. But "Hello" is a different story! I had it stuck in my head for half of the day just yesterday, lol.

I also really liked the dance and the fact that they had girls in the dance. They used their props so well; everything about the dance was awesome. And I love how using their ties are part of the choreography! Ties are sexy. Bowties are super cute, lol.

The most shocking thing about the music video was the fact that one of the members actually kissed a girl. I was so shocked when I first saw it since I was so used to boy idol groups always only having one girl in their music video that they all pined over and nothing ever really happened between them that went beyond a hug or hand-holding, lol. So brownie points to NU'EST for shaking things up!

And here's their how to video that I was talking about earlier. Now you can learn how to do their tie dance! XD And others too, lol. 

One last thing! Did you know that Bang Yongguk from B.A.P. has a Tumblr account?!? I only found out earlier today! And it's his legit account because he tweeted one of his blog posts on Twitter! I could not believe that he had a Tumblr account! So far, he's only posted three things, but the first two are actual songs that I'm pretty sure he composed because come on, he's Bang Yongguk, legit rapper before he became an idol, lol. Either way, they sound really awesome, and I love his deep voice.

You know what's even more surprising? I read from some comments that apparantly BYG has actually read a fanfic! I don't know if he's read more than one, but I think fans like to tweet him fanfics and maybe sometimes he'll read them??? Lol, I don't know. I just wonder if he looks through the B.A.P. tags on Tumblr. There are lots of really awesome/cute edits and gifs of pairings in there, lol. Are there a lot of B.A.P. fanfic on Tumblr? I haven't really read any except for Asian Fanfics. ...I guess I should check the B.A.P. tag myself, lol.

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