Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cover Lover 30

These last few days have been super busy. I officially started working at Subway on Tuesday even though this is still my training period, and I also had to work last night knowing full well that I had a lot of stuff due today. And on both days, I worked from six until 11:30, which was closing, so I didn't get home until near midnight on both days, and I've had trouble sleeping ever since, and I don't know why (although I really hope it's not work related), and yeah. 

Super busy week. I'm glad that I accomplished everything on time, lol.

I'm taking on a co-worker's shift tomorrow since she couldn't make it tomorrow, which starts right after my last class ends for the day, so yay. More work. It's not hard working at Subway, but I'm still a long ways off from remembering how to make every sandwich and wrapping them up well, lol.

And now enjoy these pretty covers. :L

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