Monday, March 18, 2013

Cruise Thoughts

So, I went on a cruise last summer, and I never blogged about it. I doubt I ever will now, since I forgot everything but the main points, but luckily for me, I brought my laptop on the ship and wrote out some of my thoughts while I was there.

So here's what I thought/did on the cruise--almost a whole year late. :P

Thursday, June 7, 2012
I should have brought a blanket; 6 hour ride was FREEZING.

I should have brought a jacket; it's so cold onboard! D:

I thought it was the summer--I thought Florida was supposed to be even hotter than Georgia. It sure doesn't seem like it. Maybe it was because it was raining/thunderstorming the majority of the time we were on the road here and because it's been so dark and cloudy all day onboard, with it finally raining near an hour after we finally set sail.

Knowing that I have access to food 24/7 onboard makes it really hard to have a sense of control, especially since I know that I'm just a phonecall away from room service. It's mainly the reminder that I would like to still fit my clothes that's holding me back, lol. But I still can't help my cravings for sandwiches and tea. -__-"

Friday, June 8, 2012
Booked a jeep and beach combo tour for tomorrow when we arrive at Cozumel. Pretty excited~

My mom keeps on telling me to bring my camera everywhere to take pictures to post on fb. It kind of pisses me off. Ever since my mom got a fb account, she's been stalking everyone's pictures and I feel like she just wants me to take all of these pics to show off to all of our family online. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to post any pics online in the first place.

I don't know. Maybe I don't want to take/post pics is because my mom wants me to so bad, and I feel the need to rebel. I don't think so though.

My dad's farts are pretty lethal. At first, I just thought that my mom and bro were overreacting when they found out that my dad passed gas, but then I started smelling it, which was quite a feat since I was IN MY BED, which was a couple of feet from the ceiling and a yard or two away from my parent's bed.

Saturday, June 9, 2012
I wasn't expecting to be swimming in the Mayan caves, lol. Good thing they had life vests for everyone, since I can't swim. :P It was really cool though.

Then we went to this private beach/restaurant place and ate and relaxed at the beach for a few hours before leaving. It was fun. I didn't bring extra clothes, so I just chilled in a hammock after I finished eating.

Then it was time to go back to the ferry to go back to Cozumel to get back on our ship.

My mom didn't want my dad to drive the jeep, so one of the other people with us drove, and we just followed behind our tour guide in his jeep, and I was shocked at how fast the speed limit was on the highways over there. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012
I went with my mom and dad to go play Bingo since it was the last day on board and they were giving away lots of prizes. We won $1,500, but it wasn't from playing Bingo, lol.

When you went to go buy your bingo sheets, they gave you two of these raffle thingers that you opened to see if you got the of the same pictures in a row to win money. In one of the raffles that I opened, I had three suns in a row, but there was a green line through all of them, so I wasn't sure if I had won anything.

In the end, my mom made me go up to one of the workers and ask if I did win anything, and he shouted to the whole room that I hit the jackpot since three suns in a row was the highest that you could get.

So after Bingo was over (none of us won, lol), we went to the casino to cash in our raffle thinger. It was really funny since we didn't know where to go to cash it in, so we had to ask one of the workers in the casino to tell us, and he was surprised to see that we had won so much money, and then, we had to go back to our room to get my dad's wallet since they needed identification before giving him the money, and someone recognized me as the winner, and it was a strange, fun time, lol.

Monday, June 11, 2012
Woke up early to get my last breakfast on board and get ready to leave.

Having parents who don't pay attention while waiting to disembark is really annoying. It made me be thankful that I usually had Shelle to deal with them when we went on vacation.

We finally got off and went to our cousins' place to sleep for a while since we were all tired. Then, we went to our other cousins' house and got a lot of fish and vegetables and stuff. I went with my cousin's to the mall and Menchie's for a while because we were bored.

We had dinner there, and they brought out the karoke, so we didn't leave until late at night.

Eventually, we made it home and I didn't want to go on vacation with my parents for another year. Too bad we went to Canada 2 months later. :P

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