Saturday, February 4, 2012

An Update and My Book-Buying Ban

I had another scholarship interview at Mercer today. I think I did pretty well. Like usual, I wasn't nervous up until I was sitting down, waiting for my turn. And I talked about Assassin and moved my hands a lot... -__-"

I hope I get it. XD

Also as usual, my flats killed my heels. I mean, they were bleeding. I think it's official, fancy shoes and I do not go together. It always ends up with my feet being abused in one way or another. This is why I hate dressing up. I never have anything nice enough to wear and my poor feet always suffer. :P

I'm still at Mercer since Shelle has to work. They're really busy at the UC, so she's getting off later than usual, which sucks, because that means that I won't be able to make it to the HOCO beauty pageant scholarship thinger that Meethu's in, and which Emily was suddenly roped into doing the lights for since the other person couldn't make it.

So here I am, not working on any homework like I was supposed to...

I finally finished reading the manga series called S.L.H (Stray Love Hearts) a few hours ago. I started reading it last night when I should have been working on my Crime and Punishment project, lol. I just can't bring myself to do homework on weekends except for Sundays, and even then, it's a hassle.

The first volume was too unbelievable to believe, which is probably why I didn't enjoy it as much as I did with the rest of the volumes once I had grown used to the reasoning of the plot. I'm going to post a review up sometime soon.

There's only five volumes, so it wasn't that long, and the art gets better with every volume. And it was already very well done in the first volume! I loved all of the colored pages at the beginning of each chapter, lol.

In addition, I also noticed that I can't really bring myself to read a real book after finishing Crime and Punishment. I started reading Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton earlier this week, but I'm not in a hurry to finish it. I mean, it's only somewhat interesting. And then there's the fact that I've just been really busy this week anyway, finishing reading Crime and Punishment and trying to work on all of the projects that come with it.

Maybe that's the main reason why I haven't been reading real books. I do want to read, but I don't want to spend so much time on a book, so I choose to read manga instead since they're so much shorter and funnier.  Hopefully, once all of our Crime and Punishment stuff are done, I'll be able to finally catch up on all of my piles of real books. :)

On another note, it turns out that I might have to pay for rent once I go to college, since I'm going to be living in an apartment near Mercer with Shelle, and seeing as to how I barely have any money in the bank, I'm going to have to seriously start saving up. That means, no more buying books.

I guess it's a good think that I'm going on a book-buying ban, since I finally ran out of space to put anymore piles of TBR books on the side of my bed, lol. What's also so funny is that after I published this post saying that I was doing pretty good on my book-buying ban/rule, I had bought a bunch of books on Barns and Nobles because they had a really good sale. -__-"

So, I can't buy anymore books (unless it's for school) until the end of May. By then, I should have saved up enough money to pay for a year's worth of rent. 

Anyway, I need to go and attempt to work on my project again. 


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