Thursday, February 16, 2012


Lol, I don't even remember where I found that picture. But really, this wasn't meant to insult you. Honest. I just saw this pic and laughed my head off. ._.

I think it's the stress getting to me... Most likely. 

Yeah, see that picture right there? That's basically how I was yesterday and will be today, only there's less studying going on today and more writing. Lots and lots of writing. I've got to finish my Crime and Punishment Reflection, which has to be a two pages long and single-spaced, write a poetry response and tech article, remember what to talk about for my lit project, and study since I have the second part of my Calc test tomorrow. I'm just glad that Fitz decided to have a Physics test after the break. 

I'm so ready for Winter Break! I hate how we're always rushing during the last week before a break to get tests and projects in. It's so friggin stressful. And what sucks is that I can't seem to make myself stop griping about all that I have to do. 

It's like I have to constantly remind myself and my friends--who are also suffering with me--what still needs to be done because I can't get over the fact that I have so much non-fun stuff to do.  -__-" Like I don't have anything else to talk about because deadlines are looming over me, silently suffocating me, and I'm just talking, grasping at straws, gasping for breath, doing everything I can to not just get the stuff over and done with. Because I'm so friggin lazy.

I hate having senioritis. :\

Anyway, I'm going to quit procrastinating (or at least try :P) and attempting to do something so that I won't have to stay up later than midnight and get some much needed sleep. 


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