Friday, February 17, 2012


Winter Break has officially started! (Even though it still doesn't feel like winter :P)

And you know what made my day? Going home and finding a letter from Mercer that said that I had gotten another scholarship from them. Turns out that I impressed my interviewers a few weeks ago when I had that interview a few weeks ago.

So, when Shelle calculated all of the scholarships that I had gotten from Mercer, the amount totaled up to $64,000!


I FREAKIN FLIPPED! And then did a happy dance, lol.

I don't know why the gifs aren't working... :(
And while my sis was talking about how I would be getting a refund check every year, I danced some more. XD

My happiness could not be contained, lol.

Man, what a great start for a break. I'm just so ecstatic. XD

And, since I was looking for dancing gifs, I found some other gifs that I wanted to show you, too.

Here's one from Despicable Me, which is like, one of the cutest movies ever.

And here's a cute, confused dog.

funny gifs

Now I have to go eat dinner. But there's one last gif that I wanted to share, lol.

Since it's Winter Break and Spring Break's near for college students, don't forget to...


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