Wednesday, February 29, 2012

for the lulz :P

Today was kind of exhausting, especially since I couldn't go to sleep until after 1:30. And believe me, I tried to go to sleep; I even started studying for my physics test since that usually puts me to sleep! 

It failed. 

And today, besides taking the test (which was actually kind of easy), I stayed after school to do my Crime and Punishment presentation, which totally sucked since I did the PowerPoint a week before we got out for Winter Break, so I kind of forgot everything. -__-" So while Emily and I were waiting for Mrs. Staines' meeting to end, we were studying our slideshows, lol.

Plus, the weather has been gloomy and depressing ever since school started again this week. So...yeah, this hasn't been such a great week, lol. 

That's why I have some pics that made me lol. Maybe they'll brighten up your day, too. :D

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