Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm Back :P

Came home yesterday afternoon, and I was dead tired. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to do anything yesterday. I just finished reading this online webtoon called Orange Marmalade, which I had started reading a day before I left for the trip. 

I had never heard of webtoons before, but it wasn't hard to understand once I read the site's Who Are We article, which basically states that webtoons are online comics that are in color and read in one long strip. I started reading a couple of series to see if I liked any of them, and I really liked Orange Marmalade and Crepuscule.

I'll prolly review them once I find some time to do so. It'll be harder to categorize since they're updated weekly and are nowhere near finished, which is a good thing, because I really like them and don't want them to end any time soon, lol.

Anyway, the trip was pretty fun. I made a lot of friends there, which was a good thing since I only knew two or three people in our group before I went on the trip. 

I didn't place, but I wasn't expecting to anyway. I just went because Emily wanted me to, and I figured, why not? :P At the time, I didn't know that it was going to take place over Winter Break or that it was three days long, though. -__-"

But yeah, I had a good time there. On the first day, we arrived at the Omni Hotel, and after waiting forever for Ms. Brown to get our room and testing info, we finally went to our rooms and changed into our business clothes since we had to get dressed up for later that night. We went to the food court and ate lunch and then walked around, exploring. 

Later that night, at the opening ceremony, there was a live band that I think was called Live Out Loud that played while waiting for all of the schools to show up. After they had given out chapter awards and stuff, we had a really funny guest speaker, Grant Baldwin, talk to us. I was cracking so up so much. XD

Then, we finally went back to our rooms, took showers, goofed off, and finally went to bed sometime after midnight. We had to wake up around 6:30 the next morning, so that was a total pain. Luckily for me, since I didn't need to spend so much time getting ready, I got to sleep for a little bit more before finally waking up. :P

After getting breakfast and meeting up with the rest of the members with Ms. Brown, everyone in my room went to go testing. Even though we had an hour and a half to finish our test, I only finished with 15 minutes to spare. I hung out with Emily, Auburn, Mandi, and Amber after that, lounging around in the lobby, bored.

Then Emily had to go to her second scholarship interview, and we continued to laze about on the chairs. We went to grab lunch and ran into Chance, so we stole him and decided to eat lunch in the hallway outside of our rooms since we had a strict, no members of the opposite sex in our rooms rule. So we were hanging out in the hallway for a bit until some other members of our group saw us and joined. 

Then, some guys from another school copied us, sitting around in the hallway a couple of meters away from us. Before we knew it, they came over and asked to join us. They asked us a few questions, but I don't know, none of us were really putting any effort in trying to make the conversation last, so we were mainly talking to our respecting schools instead of each other. 

And all the while, Auburn kept on showing everyone the picture that Andrew had sent her, which she had jokingly told him to do. You see, Kirk had told everyone that he had on hot pink briefs, and since Kirk and Andrew roomed together and were going back to their rooms to change, Auburn told Andrew to send her a pic of Kirk in his underwear. 

When she actually seen the picture, she showed the rest of us and we all couldn't stop laughing since Kirk had on the most perverted expression on his face and was only wearing his underwear, with one leg resting on a low table. It was friggin hilarious.

And Auburn had changed her phone's background to that picture, so whenever she went to text someone back or check her messages, she'd always see Kirk's face and end up laughing and being a little creeped out. XD

Then, Emily had to leave to go to her GA Southern overnight interview and we had all changed out of our business clothes. We spent the next hour and a half bored out of our minds while waiting for it to be 3 o'clock, since that was when we were going to ride the Marta and go to the Lenox mall. 

We had to walk all the way to the Marta, and because I hadn't brought a jacket, I was freezing since it was really windy outside. When we finally made it to the mall, Mandi and I had agreed to not buy so much clothes since we already had too much already and were only going to buy a jacket since neither of us had one on us and didn't want to freeze on the way back.

So we spent the majority of the time looking for thick jackets, which was surprisingly hard to find. But we first immediately stopped to get pretzels from Auntie Anne's, which were so good. Why couldn't they open one up in Warner Robins? I would totally spend all of my money there. XD

We ended up going back to Hollister and buying jackets there since none of the other stores had reasonably priced jackets that weren't super thin, which was saying something. 

Then, we went to Panera Bread to eat dinner before rushing to the opposite side of the mall to meet up with the rest of the club in time, since we thought that we were closer to the meeting place and decided to chill for a bit after we finished eating since we were dead tired. Like, seriously, it was after we went to the second or third store that my feet were already killing me.

So we went back to the Marta and trekked back to our hotel in the windy cold. Then we had to wait for an hour or two until the DECA Dance started, and they were so strict about the dress code. You had to wear the purple DECA shirt that everyone received, your nametag had to be above the waist, and you had to wear closed-toed shoes. Luckily for Amber and me, we had already found our nametags and were wearing shoes, so we were fine when going downstairs.

There, we found the rest of our group already waiting for Ms. Brown to show up since we couldn't get in without our adviser there with us. Everyone grew tired of waiting for her to show up and sneak/talked to the people guarding the door, so we were eventually able to get inside. 

The dance was okay. The DJ played a lot of songs that I had never heard of that all had specific dance moves to them, so I spent most of the time watching and laughing at people dancing. What sucked was that we couldn't leave unless our adviser also left, which meant that everyone in our group would have to want to leave at the same time for anyone to leave, so a couple of people and I had to stay in the room the whole time. 

But it wasn't that bad, since everyone in our group kept on getting Ms. Brown to dance and Kirk kept on dancing really retardedly. XD

Then I went back to my room, took a shower, packed, talked/goofed off with Mandi and Auburn, and eventually went to bed around one.

We had to get up even earlier the next day, around 6 in the morning, and it was so hard to get out of bed. I offered to go for a coffee run since we didn't have much time, but when I went down to the food court, the place was taped off with a security guard there, meaning that it wasn't opened yet, which sucked, since I had to walk all the way down there for nothing.

When Mandi had finished getting ready, we went downstairs and Mandi and I went to the food court to get coffee while Auburn watched our bags. We didn't have much time, but Auburn was pretty cranky in the morning without her coffee, so I stood in line and ordered her drink and got a doubleshot for myself while Mandi went to go get herself some breakfast at Chick-fil-a.

When we came back, Auburn had gotten some of the boys to take our luggage downstairs to the room where we were supposed to put our bags, and we talked for a bit before going down there to meet up with the rest of the group. 

Then, we headed over to CNN place for the award ceremony where we had the opening ceremony. The award ceremony WAS SO FRIGGIN LONG! My butt became numb halfway through. I was so tired and could hardly concentrate either. Thankfully, it ended a bit before 11, so we went back to the room with the luggages (the same room we had the dance in), grabbed some normal clothes, went to the bathrooms, and changed our clothes before hitting the food court for lunch.

We went back to the luggage room to eat there since our chaperons told us that the bus was going to arrive around 12:15, so we chilled there until our bus came. Then, we were on the way home. I slept for a little bit, and daydreamed the rest of the ride. 

You had no idea how glad I was to be home in normal clothes with free wi-fi (you had to pay $9.99 at the hotel for wi-fi, and I didn't even bother checking to see how long it would last either), able to sleep whenever I wanted.

The first thing I did was use the bathroom, since I had been holding it in since 30 minutes during our ride home, and ate something since I had only drank a strawberry smoothie for lunch. Then, I checked my emails, planning on taking a nap.

Yeah, that didn't happened. I ended up reading Orange Marmelade, and when I was planning on taking a nap, it was already 6:30, and I was expecting my mom to have made dinner. That didn't happen either. She told me that we were going to eat out at a Chinese restaurant, which made me infinitely sad, since I was tired of eating out by then. 

So instead of sleeping, like I so needed, I went out to eat with my aunt and her two sons with my mom and bro. When I came back home, I showered, caught up on the interwebz, and planned on reading for a little bit. That didn't happen either.

I read until one in the morning, too engrossed in reading I Hunt Killers to stop. Then, today, instead of studying physics like I was supposed to since I have a test on Tuesday and never paid attention in class (like usual), I finished reading the book.

But I doubted that I would have been able to study anyway, since my head had felt stuffy like it was full of cotton balls all afternoon. The feeling had went away by the time I had finished reading the book, but even now, I feel kind of out of it, like my eyes are disconnected with my brain. Even now, when I least expect it, I can still remember the feeling of being in an elevator, that brief weightless feeling you get when it's about to stop at a floor. 

So, now I'm going to go take a shower and then, hopefully start studying.


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