Monday, January 23, 2012


I learned a new word from reading Crime and Punishment the other day: monomaniac. It basically means an obsessive interest in a single thing, idea, subject, etc.

After reading the definition on my kindle, I immediately thought about my book buying obsession, lol. It's not that bad, but I'm still buying a lot more books than I ever have, which, admittedly isn't that much since I only started getting really into books the past few years. But still, my bank account is constantly dropping because of my obsession. -__-"

Nevertheless, I don't think I'm a monomaniac just yet, lol. I'm not obsessed with buying all of the books that I want to read or else I'd probably end up in debt; I just buy multitudes of books when they're on sale or there's a good deal going on. :P

Anyway, I'm still sticking to my rule of reading a stack of books before buying anymore, so definitely don't think that my book buying habit is that bad, but I might have slightly broken the rule since I bought a few ebooks on my kindle. But they were all free, so I can justify my buys! ...right? Lol, I'm not going to count that as against my book buying ban since I didn't spend any money on them. 

What sucks is that I'm not allowing myself to read anything but Crime and Punishment until I either finish reading the book or until I'm near the end of it since I have a test in two weeks and I can't seem to find any time to read the book at all. Plus, I have other stuff that I have to do with the book by that time, too. 

So, I need to go finish my Calc homework and then start reading the book. I'm still only on chapter three. ;__;


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