Sunday, January 29, 2012


I totally forgot that serious insanity's fourth anniversary was on January 3rd. Actually, I went through all of my posts and found out that I never even celebrated my blog's third anniversary last year. -__-" 

I am no good with dates...

But anyway, it's never too late to celebrate, right? ;)

Lol, I'm always surprised to realize that I've been blogging for so long. Then I notice all of the changes that have occurred on here over the years, and I'm surprised all over again. 

But should I even be surprised? The world is constantly changing, you're constantly changing, ideas are constantly changing... We live in a fast-paced life that's continuously changing and evolving. What you say you'll never do today will be exactly what you end up doing sometime in the future.

I have no idea where I'm going with this. .).

This post clearly was supposed to be happy and celebrational with only a hint of nostalgia, lol. 

This is what happens when you devote the majority of your weekend trying to read as much of Crime and Punishment as you can since you have a test on it next week along with a presentation due two days afterwards. D:

So, I have to go read. I'll see ya later!

Hopefully, I'll remember my blogoversary next year! :D

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