Wednesday, January 11, 2012

That new kid at school...

We had a new kid in our grade today, and apparently, he's really cute. (I have yet to see him myself, so I can't exactly say :P)

You know what that immediately reminded me of? Twilight. New kid comes to school that everyone likes/wants to go out with. 

Lol, I was looking for a picture that would go with my point... then I found this. It's so much better! XD

But, you know, when I voiced my opinion about the similarities, Emily laughed and made a few good points. She admitted that part of the reason why everyone thinks that he's so cute (or hot depending on who you ask) is because he's new, which is a welcome change to the familiar faces you've seen around school for the past four or more years. In addition, because he's new, that also means that he doesn't have strings of past relationships with anyone else at school to hold the rest of the female population back to from wanting to go out with him. Not only that, but he's nice and he's taking AP classes, which means that he's got a brain. :P

It sucks that I don't have any classes with him, though, because I really do want to at least see him since Emily, who has an odd taste in guys half of the time, called him cute and because Shanice, who herself admits that she's pretty shallow when it comes to guys, called him a hottie. 

So, I want to see this guy for myself since the last time most of the female population at school said that the new lit teacher was hot and I had never had gotten a chance to see him until a prep rally last semester, I was woefully disappointed. He was pretty average looking in my opinion. Maybe it was because he was on the other side of the gym so I couldn't see his facial features that great...

Or maybe it's because my standards are really high ever since I fell in love with Kpop... :c Lol, although I haven't been really into it for the past year or so...

But yeah, this is an interesting development. :D 

Now I need to stop procrastinating and study for my Calc test tomorrow. I can't afford to make below an 85 this semester if I want to keep my GPA high enough to be eligible for full HOPE. 


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