Wednesday, February 19, 2014

my old journaling days...

I saw this pic on Tumblr, and it reminded me of my old journaling days, lol.

Man, how old was I when I first started writing in the back pages of old notebooks before eventually upgrading to spiral bound notebooks bought for the sole purpose of writing down everything happening in my life at the time? And then I eventually decided to start a blog right before I moved to Warner Robins... XD

Anyway, the picture reminded me of my old journal entries because I used to describe my mood using various shades of blue. Like, dark blue would mean that I was in a dark mood. Actually, that isn't completely true; it's hard to explain. But I don't even know why I started it, and I definitely don't remember when I stopped doing it either. I can't believe that I forgot about that part until I saw this picture actually.

Sometimes, when I'm cleaning my room, I'll open my last journal that I have yet to finish filling the pages of and look at past entries, marking the differences in handwriting and events that occurred, and I'll just be in this nostalgic mood for the next couple of hours until something else distracts me. 

I try to write in that old journal at least once a year since I have yet to finish filling it up and just because I don't want to completely abandon journaling. I started off writing in notebooks, and I've always liked flipping through the pages, skimming through everything, noticing differences in handwriting and tone. Blogging is great, but there's nothing like holding something tangible and seeing how its grown and changed over the years. Ya know? 

Funny thing is that today, while I was driving Meethu home, we were both reminiscing about our middle school days when we both used to write all of the time. I found it hilarious to know that we were both very similar about our writing habits. We both had a notebook full of our stories and so many ideas that we never got around to actually finishing writing a story before having another idea and starting on that. And we always had the plot and characters planned out and everything. 

But then high school started and everything was just too busy. :/ At least for me. Also, I think that moving schools and becoming obsessed with Kpop also were the main reasons why I stopped writing. Why create something when you have hilarious Korean boy bands to keep you entertained? :P

But yeah... I wish I had more time to go down memory lane, but I really have to study for my test Management tomorrow. :( I should pay more attention in class, but... you know how it is. :P

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