Monday, February 3, 2014

an update in snapchats :D

Since Winter Break, I haven't been Snapchatting that much since I didn't really do much over the break and continued to not do anything interesting once classes started again. However, I've been getting back into Snapchatting a lot since a little before the snow days. But yeah, I thought I'd share a couple of Snapchats to let you know what's been up. :P

I've only ever eaten Cookies and Cream Dippin Dots since I love that flavor; why mess up a good thing, right? I was proven correct when I decided to try Rainbow since they had ran out of Cookies and Cream at the game I was working that night. It wasn't that great... I think I'm going to just stick with Cookies and Cream from now on, lol.

When my family and I went up to Atlanta last Saturday to celebrate my dad's birthday at Happy Valley, my parents split off from us to do some business, so my siblings and I went to hangout with our cousins, Megan and Nicole. We ended up going to the mall and then went to McDonald's afterwards for dinner to bother Megan, since she was working there.

I tried to study at the library on campus. It was the most studying I had done in an hour. -__-" That was probably because I didn't have my laptop or tablet on me.

On the first snow day, they sent us an email saying that all afternoon and evening classes were canceled. Marc and I had a class at 10:50, and I didn't want to drive there and back for just one class, so I didn't go. Not to mention, the weather report said that it was going to start raining/sleeting around noon, which was when the class would have been over, so I really didn't want to drive in that.

In the end, Marc and I used Google Hangout so that I could see what was going on in class. He went to class since he lived on campus. I wasn't really paying attention to her lecture, though, since I was busy distracting Marc with all of the effects on Hangout, lol. It was pretty hilarious the combinations you could create. XD This is one of the more tame ones, lol.

Got an email later that day saying that the next day was canceled because of the weather. It was pretty expected, what with all of the rain and snow, but still, that email made my day, lol.

My parents had bought coconuts when we were in Atlanta over the weekend, and they decided to eat them that day. It was tasty, lol.

Brian and I walked over to Meethu's house to build a snowman and play with her dog. It wasn't that big, mainly because my gloves wouldn't compact the snow and because there wasn't that much snow to made something really big, but we named it Eric and gave it hair. You just can't see it since it's slicked back at the back of his head, lol.

And here's my study area as I crammed for my Media Law test that I had today that I am in no way prepared for. Because of the snow days, all of my tests have been pushed back to Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, along with a homework assignment due on Wednesday, and instead of being productive during the snow days, I completely lazed around and did nothing but read fanfics. Now I'm trying to cram for all of my tests and regretting everything. D:

But yeah, that's what's been up. Maybe I'll do these Snapchat updates more frequently. They're pretty fun, lol. Although, Shelle has pointed it out that I send a lot of Snapchats of me studying, so I should probably stop doing that so much...

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