Friday, February 28, 2014

Emblem3 Concert Tomorrow!

Today has been pretty good! :) I just hope that the whole weekend will stay this way. 

Marketing was pretty interesting since we were talking about segmentation and giving examples of how companies used it. She even showed us some interesting videos and ads to make her point, lol.

On Wednesday, Jay asked our class if we wanted to have class on Friday, so of course everyone said no, so Marketing was my only class today. :D

I didn't get to eat lunch with Meethu since she had to finish her electrical homework before class. Instead, I read a lot of fluffy Sterek fics, lol, and talked to a girl about Divergent and whether or not I should read the book before the movie comes out since she was already halfway through the book.

I'm MC-ing for the Macon Film Festival later tonight, so I really should have worked on my proposal instead of reading fanfics and blogging, but I had errands to run, and Marc's going to drop me off in 10 minutes, so... I'll work on it Sunday when I get home. :P

But yeah! I'm taking Groome tomorrow to Atlanta so Shelle and I can hangout before going to the Emblem3 concert at night! She bought us tickets to the concert for Christmas, lol. I'm excited because this will be my first real concert; I don't count Bearstock as my first concert just because. :P

Then I'm taking Groome home on Sunday, so yeah, hopefully I'll finish all of my homework by then because my boss called me a few hours ago to schedule next week's schedule, and if we win all of the upcoming basketball games, I'm working from Tuesday through Thursday and maybe Sunday if I feel like it. 

Anyway, I gotta go! Got things to do! :D

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