Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mason and Willow (Probably)

We got two puppies yesterday! One of my dad's friends was giving them away, so we got to choose two of them. We ended up getting a boy and a girl, and they're so adorable, it's not even funny. They're a dotson-chihuahua mix, so they're gonna be pretty small. I mean, the puppies are super tiny and adorable. 

So itty bitty! XD

We're thinking of naming the boy Mason and the girl Willow. Mason doesn't have a deeper meaning, but we were kind of leaning towards Willow because Shelle noticed that she kind of had a tear running down her eye when we were trying to take pictures of the two.

We're still not totally sure if that's what we're going to name the two. Mason is probably going to stick, but I'm not sure about Willow since I don't think my mom can pronounce it. :/

But the only way we could tell Willow apart from the other puppies was her eyebrows, lol. Mason was the only male left that they were giving away, so it wasn't difficult finding him out of the litter.

I took a bunch of snapchats and invited my friends over and told them to bring their dogs, too, so we my backyard was full of dogs last night, lol. Too bad none of them stayed still enough for me to take a picture. :P

Shanice only brought one of her dogs, so she sent a snapchat of her newest puppy, Max, which was hilarious.

And here's a bad pic of Sophie because she would not stop moving. And drooling, lol.

And now I really need to study. Jackie and Shanice are over right now for a study group/accountability thing so that we actually get some work done before rewarding ourselves by going thriftshopping, lol.

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