Saturday, February 15, 2014

another snapchat update

Because not much has happened, and yet I have interesting enough Snapchats. :P

This first pic actually isn't a Snapchat. I just used my phone to take a picture of an example of a tight grid around campus. Marc was with me, so he wanted to be in the picture, which is why you can see his face in the corner pane, lol.

This was taken not long after my last test last week. I was waiting for Meethu to have lunch with and noticed that the light fixture above me looked like an eyeball when I was checking my Snapchats with my phone flat on the table. 

Look at those beautiful eyelashes. Wow. Such art. :P

I didn't get to watch Teen Wolf with Jackie and Shanice last Monday because I had to cram for tests, so when I finally got around to watching it on the weekend, I had to stop myself from sending them so many reaction pics because it would have been excessive, lol. But this one seen had me drowning in feels because Stiles

I had dinner with Lauren Monday night at O'Charley's and had decided to try pickle chips since I heard that they were good. I'm not sure if I heard that O'Charley's pickle chips were great or it was some other restaurant, but I still wanted to try it. I liked it enough. They were a bit more salty than I expected though.

I forgot to take a Snapchat yesterday, but Marc gave me a red carnation for Valentine's Day because he is the bestest bff 5eva. It was just funny because he gave it to me in our Media Law class, which is the class where our professor thinks that we're dating/talking to each other. 

It's funny because that Monday, we went to his office to ask to make copies of his notes for class and I told him that Marc and I got rings (there was an event where we could get an engraved ring for free meant as Valentine Day gifts for students; we stood in line for an hour for it) and that we got married, lol. 

But yeah, I have no idea if we're ever gonna tell him the truth. XD

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