Monday, February 24, 2014

i'm exhausted

I don't know why my body likes to wake me up an hour earlier than my alarm every day, but it's really not helping me catch up on sleep. Granted, I usually stay up until 1:30-2 every morning, so this just might be karma.

I just want to fall in bed and sleep.

But really, this has been an eventful weekend, but it was no where near as productive as it should have been. I knew the puppies were going to be a big distraction...

I honestly thought that I would accomplish more homework having a study group with my friends the next day compared to me trying to study alone. Yeah... I think I got the same amount of work done if I had studied by myself, which isn't much on weekends. But still, I REALLY needed to study, because there is still a shitload of stuff that I need to memorize by Wednesday, and I am not prepared. 

Plus, I also have to have my proposal done by Wednesday in addition to work on a flyer for a presentation we're having next Wednesday. Also, I have to meet up with B to start training for my new job, and I don't know how long and how many days that's going to take. I'm meeting up with her later today when I really need to study. D:

Wednesday just needs to be over already. I'm exhausted just thinking about all that I need to do. This week needs to be over already; there's so much going on. I've got a research paper due on Thursday in addition to work, and I'm volunteering at the Macon Film Festival after my last class on Friday, too. 

My only respite will be on Saturday when I go to the Emblem3 concert with my sis. And now I'm already having problems on how to get go to Atlanta... which I don't want to talk about. 

Ugh, everything's exhausting.

Actually, I've just been exhausted all day. :/ I kept on almost falling asleep in all of my classes.

I really need a nap, but I really need to study. D:

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