Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shows I'm Currently Watching: Elementary, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Sherlock & Fairy Tail



This show never fails to entertain me with its cases. And Sherlock is growing so much, it's great watching him slowly change into a better person. Plus, even though the series is episodic, the reoccurring characters and relationships makes this season even better since I've grown attached to almost everyone.


I thought that I would finally be able to catch up to the latest episode this season over the break, but what with my laptop acting up every day, it was kind of impossible. I'm planning on finally catching up some time soon because there is no way that I will not continue watching this series. I basically spent all of last semester catching up with Supernatural; I am way too invested in this show and its self-sacrificing characters, lol.

Teen Wolf

The new season just started this month, and I am so excited at where it's heading! They've introduced some more female characters, and I'm loving them already! Kira and her crush is so cute, lol. Although, my friends and I are kind of confused about the plot since the director said that this season would involve the kitsune myth, and so far, we've only seen some Hispanic bad guys. The only thing Japanese introduced in the show is Kira and her dad. But yeah, this is Teen Wolf, nothing is answered until the very end. -__-"


I finally joined the bandwagon and started watching this show last weekend when I should have been doing homework. I think it was because of the crossover fics I've read that included Sherlock and my friends' recommendation that finally got me interested enough to start watching it. That, and I wanted to compare it to Elementary since everyone did the opposite when Elementary came out last year. It's pretty good. Sherlock is definitely different from the Sherlock in Elementary and some parts of the cases were easy to figure out, but there were so many shocking parts and bromance that I couldn't help but like it. I'm going to start season three as soon as I have more free time this weekend, lol.

Fairy Tale

I started watching this last night, and while the first few episodes were kind of silly and had a lot of explanations to help set up the plot, I'm really digging it. The characters are still kind of 2D, but I'm hoping that they'll flesh out more as we get to know them better. And the comedic moments and Natsu just crack me up; they're so silly! It's great. 



I watched the first season over the break, and I really liked it, especially the last few episodes, but I can't bring myself to start the next season. I had a lot of time to marathon Dexter over the break, but I didn't; I watched a few episodes at night and skipped watching it for a few days before going starting watching it again, and I don't know. After I finished season one, I just didn't feel inclined to start season two, and I still haven't. It's been almost a month now, so I think I'm going to drop this show. Maybe I'll start watching it again some other time in the future.

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