Thursday, January 2, 2014

My New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve was fun. :) 

Originally, Shelle and I hadn't made any plans since we weren't even sure if we'd be home, but then Shanice told us that her roommate gave her a bunch of booze before she came back home, so we were going to get drunk and help her finish off all of her alcohol, lol. So that's what we did. :P Although, we didn't finish any of the alcohol...

In the end, we had too much booze, lol. Shelle had bought some alcohol, too, so we could have a variety of drinks and mixers, and we didn't finish those either. In addition, she bought a bottle of champagne that she tried at her friend's house in Florida that she really liked for us to celebrate the new year that we also didn't finish. We had six people over, and even though two didn't drink, we still couldn't finish everything, lol. -__-"

But it was still fun. We ended up playing Ring of Fire twice before going for a walk since Jackie was getting really drunk and because we needed to take Meethu home by 11:30--Emily left a little earlier since she also had a curfew. 

And I ended up puking because I ate too much dinner beforehand and drank too much too quickly for my stomach to settle. Luckily, I made it to the toilet and felt better afterwards. I didn't really drink much after that, lol. But now I think I know my limits: I am essentially drunk by the time I puke or feel the need to puke. Then I feel better and really should not drink anymore, lol. I usually take it easy anyway.

After we dropped Meethu off and played with her dog, Sophie, for a while, we came back and talked for a bit before playing the R-rated version of Never Have I Ever since we weren't confessing anything too dirty during Ring of Fire. It was very enlightening, lol. We kept on playing until someone lost and had to choose a truth or dare, which was having to take a bite of this concoction of chips, salsa, hot sauce, and some other things on top of a cupcake that Natalie made, until we were down to two people left.

Then it was 10 minutes until midnight, and we stopped to take out the champagne. Since we couldn't find our plastic wine flutes that Shelle had bought last year, we ended up drinking it in the shot glasses, lol. It was okay; I tasted the alcohol as soon as it touched my tongue, so I didn't really taste much of anything else to see if I liked it, which sucks, because that was my first time trying champagne. I was too lazy to refill my shot glass for another taste, lol. The funny thing was that we were all too preoccupied talking that we didn't even notice when it hit midnight until a couple of minutes afterwards! XD

Also, Shelle told Brian that we would let him have some of the champagne earlier that day when we were shopping for snacks and booze, and he was weirdly adamant on trying some of the champagne ever since he got back from his friend's party a few hours earlier. We told him that he couldn't try it until midnight like the rest of us, and we're still puzzled on why it was such a big deal for him to try it before the new year. 

I'm glad that Shelle and I decided not to let him try any of the other alcohol we had because I just knew that he was going to tell his friends, and I did not think that bragging about drinking alcohol as a freshmen in high school was not going to have good consequences, especially in the future, when his friends will also have access to booze. I mean, just look at what happened when we told him that he could try champagne. 

Anyway, we sat around the table for another hour just talking and chilling before Deidra and Natalie went home. Shanice and Jackie were spending the night, so we went upstairs to change and then hung out in Shelle's room with her talking until five in the morning. It was kind of ridiculous how much we talked, but I'm really glad that we did, because that was the first time I heard Jackie really open up, and boy did she. 

She had a fight with her boyfriend a few hours earlier before coming over, so she had a lot to rant about him and her relationship. She told us how Michael was such a momma's boy and how she didn't want to be in a relationship with him and his mom. And she finally loosened up. Jackie's usually quiet whenever we meet up, so it was great seeing her just saying whatever she wanted and making all of these hilarious jokes. I was laughing so hard at one point that my stomach hurt, lol. 

We eventually went back to my room to sleep for a couple hours before getting up around 10. My mom came home around 11 and told us to come downstairs for lunch not long after that, so we made our own spring rolls and ate them. Then we chilled in my room for a another hour until Jackie had to leave. 

Shanice and I ended up talking for another hour after that, reminiscing on our high school days and trying to remember how we even became close friends since we knew each other through a mutual friend freshmen year, but didn't really hangout until senior year. But we really didn't get to know each other and become as close as we are now until freshmen year of college and this summer when we were both in town and had time to hangout one-on-one. I just find it funny that we knew each other for so long but didn't really know each other until recently, lol.

But yeah, that's how my New Year's Eve went. It's my first time that I remember doing anything special, so this was really nice. I'm definitely gonna remember it, lol. 

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