Friday, January 10, 2014

Kpop Appreciation Post: Chad Future

Chad Future is this guy who does a lot of English covers of popular Kpop songs. He also has his own original songs, but I mainly know him for his covers, which are actually pretty cool. He even has music videos to go with his covers, which really show their Kpop influence in his clothing style and backgrounds. The mv's are usually kind of cheesey, but his covers are pretty great.

I think my favorite is his "Growl" cover from Exo.

He also did Exo's "Wolf," which was pretty good, too.

And he did B.A.P's "One Shot"! That one's probably my second favorite cover he's done so far.

He even did a cover of G-Dragon's "Crayon." His rapping actually isn't that bad. It doesn't have the same confident tone as GD, but it's similar enough in the song.

But yeah, you should definitely check him out. He does some pretty awesome covers. :)

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