Sunday, January 5, 2014

new semester tomorrow...

The new semester starts tomorrow... D:

I am so not prepared, especially since I still have this problem with my bill that needs to be paid tomorrow. D: I updated my health insurance information over the break since we switched to a different company, and it says that they accepted my waiver, but my bill still says that I have to pay for the school's student health insurance. Usually, it takes a while for the my bill to be updated, but I've waited until the last possible day hoping that it would change in time before classes start, but it hasn't updated at all, so now I'm not sure if I still have to pay the $685 in addition to my tuition tomorrow. D: And you're supposed to pay your bill before you start classes or else pay an additional late fee. DDD:

I also tried calling the financial aid office yesterday, but the lines were busy, and by the time someone answered, they had to transfer me to a different office since they didn't deal with health insurance. Then I find out that the office closed at 4:30, which was just minutes before I called them. And they're only open on weekdays. DD:

Ugh. Things aren't looking so well for the new school year already.

Plus, over the break, one company sent me the wrong textbook (this little book that couldn't cost more than $15 instead of the $80 textbook that I was supposed to receive >:\), so I had to mail it back to them and hope that they actually refund me since they never gave me a prepaid packaging slip or receipt. And I had to buy the textbook again from another seller last week. I wasn't going to buy from that other seller any time soon after that blunder they made.

On the bright side, Teen Wolf season 3a starts tomorrow! And I'm working tomorrow, which means that I will have money by next week. :) After the basketball game ends tomorrow, I'm going over to Jackie or Shanice's house to watch Teen Wolf and spaz with them, lol.

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