Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy 6th Anniversary Serious Insanity!

I can't believe that I started blogging six years ago. It's insane!

I went back to see my first few posts, and I am horribly embarrassed at my writing style, lol. I definitely didn't care for capitalizing letters and had a penchant for using a combination of internet shorthand and my own slang back then. -__-"

But my old blog posts really did take me down memory lane. I forgot about a lot of things that I wrote about, and it was obvious that I wasn't that great at technology back then. I didn't even know how to embed YouTube videos or know how to rotate pictures. -__-" 

That's another thing I forgot about. I used to draw a lot, and apparently, I used to post them on here, too. I haven't drawn anything in my sketchbook since 2012, and I haven't drawn anything in the past year except for a few chibis in my class notes. I kind of want to draw again, see if I can improve and whatnot...

Anyway, here is gif of minions to celebrate this momentous occasion. XD

Woo~ I wonder if I'll make it to a 10 year anniversary... XD

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