Sunday, January 26, 2014

I should be studying... D:

Really, I have a test this Thursday and two on Friday, and I haven't really been paying attention in my classes, and I haven't read the chapters either... FML.

Actually, in Principles of Management, Marc and I have been watching Disney movies on his iPad in class, since our professor just goes over the slides that she'd already uploaded on Blackboard for us to study with. All she does is go over the slides and give a couple of anecdotes in class, and it's all very boring, and we always feel like sleeping on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That's why we're watching Disney movies on mute with subtitles, pretending that we're looking at the PowerPoint slides on Marc's iPad and occasionally taking notes.

I know, we're terrible people. I'm really not paying attention in that class, and now I need to take even more time to study for the test on Thursday. On the bright side, we finished watching Lilo & Stitch last week, which made me have feelings in the middle of class. D: I forgot about that one scene about family...

Marc and I were just like ;__; in the middle of class, lol.

Anyway, I found these pics the other day when I was procrastinating. I thought they were pretty accurate. XD But yeah, clearly the interwebs and Tumblr understands how I feel. :DDD

Gotta go try to finish reading chapter one of Management now! :P

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