Friday, May 24, 2013

that feeling you have once you finish something amazing

I finished watching School 2013 last night (or technically early this morning, I guess), and I am a ball of emotions. Ugh, I loved all of the characters so much that I didn't want the series to end.

I know that I said that God of Study was my favorite drama, but School 2013 takes the cake. What makes it so awesome is the characters. Some of the scenes were a little predictable, but it was because of the characters that they owned the scenes and still managed to make me tear up with their heartbreaking backstories and problems.

And the plot itself. It's gritty and real and so so genuine. The characters fuck up and they can't just go back to how it was before; they can only push forward and repent. It's not like most dramas where everything ends up with a happily ever after; rather, it gives you hope for a better ending and it's open-ended so that you can imagine their futures however you want, and it just kills me because after everything that they've been through, I want them all to live well and happily because they deserve it.

Also something that I absolutely loved about this drama: there were no cringe-inducing moments! Most dramas that I've watched have at least a couple of those horribly awkward/cheesey moments that made me do a facepalm, but this drama didn't, and I am so grateful for that.

If I can't convince you to watch this drama, read this essay instead, because she does a really good job articulating exactly everything that I loved about it.

I just realized that I have a tendency of watching high school dramas for some reason. -__- School 2013, God of Study, To the Beautiful You, and Dream High all take place in high school. But I watched most of these in high school, so it's understandable since they resonated well with me. God of Study really did make me want to study better and do my best for college for a month or two, lol.

Now I just wish that I could find some dramas about college kids because it's hard enough trying to find that genre in America too without it being like Greek or Gossip Girl. But it's not like I'm really trying that hard to find these dramas...I have enough stuff to watch as it is. 

But now I'm feeling this indescribable feeling that I always have after watching an awesome drama, similar to  this restless emptiness leftover from feeling so many emotions induced by watching School 2013. Like I don't know what to do or think now that it's over, and it's worse because this drama evoked so many emotions out of me that I'm still left reeling from everything.

Ugh, this drama. So many feels. So many emotions. So many tears. When am I going to find another super amazing drama like this? Do I even want to? :P

Anyway, I should go and do something productive before spending the rest of my night on youtube and catching up on my mail because I practically ignored everything but work while watching this drama. XD

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