Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kpop Appreciation Post: SHINee and Super Junior

I haven't really been trying to catch up with Kpop lately since I've been so busy with the end of the semester projects and finals and going to the conference, but thanks to Lauren, who is a huge SHINee fan, I've mainly been up to date with them. And boy, there's so much that's been happening with SHINee!

I don't know if Onew is actually dating Jungah or if they really are just close friends like their companies are claiming; I'm just glad that maybe this will make fans realize that Onew is not some asexual goofball who has this obsession with fried chicken like how most people who portray him in fanfics.

However, I'm really disappointed that he's smoking even though it's just an electronic cigarette. I don't know if they have any bad health hazards like real cigarettes, but the fact that he is a singer who smokes is just... dumb. He's going to eventually ruin his voice, which I happen to really love because it's so smooth and awesome.

And I'm pretty sure that he was flicking Jonghyun off teasingly, but still. That was really surprising. I guess because I've always seen Onew as goofy and sincere and hilarious, it was a real shocker to hear all of these scandals about him since SHINee's always been so innocent ever since they debuted; you would never expect to hear anything like this from any of their members, especially the leader who is supposed to set an example for his members.

Some more bad news: Jonghyun had a car accident on April 1st (lol, I thought that it was a joke when I first heard it). He only suffered minor injuries, although he broke his nose, which was why he had surgery on it a week later. What sucked was the fact that he couldn't participate in the group's next promotion after they were done with "Dream Girl" because of all of this.

"Why So Serious?" is their new music video that I'm talking about. It was released a couple of weeks ago, and it's pretty good! :D

Even though Taemin got more parts to sing in this song because Jonghyun couldn't participate in promotions, I'm glad that Taemin gets more lines anyway. His singing has improved so much ever since he first debuted, so I'm happy that he's finally able to show his skills off. No, it won't ever sound as impressive as Jonghyun's, but his voice is still really nice to listen to.

Anyway, the music video definitely retained it's SHINee vibe, lol. No plot with lots of dance scenes. :P Their choreography was really good though! And I actually liked all of their outfits and hairstyles! :o And the song is pretty catchy! So all in all, a good SHINee music video. :3

Other awesome news: Heechul's being discharged from the military on August 31st! I can't wait for him to come back! He's so crazy, lol. Just look at him! XD

I started writing this post a two or three weeks ago in between procrastinating during finals, and I'm finally getting time to start catching up on my bazillion Youtube subscriptions, so hopefully I'll have another post up soon with more recent news, lol.

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