Thursday, May 23, 2013

What I Watched, Am Watching, & Will Watch

So last week was the season finale of Elementary, and I finished watching it earlier this week, and it was suspenseful and shocking and so so good.

Afterwards, I was like, what now?

What do I do now that it's over? Elementary was the only show I kept up with during the year.

Then the next day, I went and started watching Defiance, this new tv series that was heavily promoted for the past few months and finally premiered last month. It's pretty good! I finished watching all six episodes out on their website a few days ago. I'm definitely gonna try to keep up with it, especially since it's the summer and I don't have much to do besides work and summer classes starting next week.

Since I'm all caught up on that show, I started watching School 2013, this drama that all of tumblr has promised to bring me so much pain and heartache because of the two main characters in it. I wanted to watch it last semester, but I knew that it would be a mistake trying to balance classes, projects, tests, and exams with trying to not spend all of my time watching the drama after seeing its consequences on tumblr, lol. AND I WAS RIGHT!

Ugh, you don't even know how much pain I feel for Go Nam Soon. What he did was bad, but he's suffering and paying for it every single day, and it's just so heartbreaking. I thought that I was prepared for all of the feels this drama evoked because of tumbr and its endless gifs and commentary that basically spoiled what happened, but I WAS NOT PREPARED. D: I WAS NO WHERE NEAR PREPARED. ;__; SO MANY TEARS HAVE BEEN SHED, AND THAT WAS BEFORE I FINISHED HALF OF THE EPISODES.

Anyway, after I get done with School 2013 (and deal with all of the emotional trauma because of it :P), I'll probably catch up on a lot of movies on my instant queue on Netflix, and I think I'll start watching Game of Thrones since Shanice keeps on telling me to do so, lol. :1

So much to watch, and I don't feel like reading anymore! Go figure. -__-"

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