Monday, May 20, 2013

Best Summer Job Ever

Okay, I'm kind of exaggerating since the only other summer job I've ever had was babysitting my cousins and little brother, but still, my job this summer is pretty easy and interesting.

Because of Cam, I got a job with him on campus rebuilding the computer labs and moving the old computers around the engineering buildings since we're getting new computers for most of the labs. It's really easy, and we get to make our own hours. What's not to love? :P

What sucks is that we can only work 15 hours every week, and it's only 10 weeks long, which was shorter than I expected. Plus, we started two weeks ago, but because of the STC conference and staying at my grandma's house for a day, I only got to work one day the first week which only lasted a couple of hours. On the bright side, we can work how many hours we want to a week; we just have to spread them out on our time cards so that we only work 15 hours a week. However, since I already turned mine in for this week (we mark our hours every two weeks since we get paid bi-weekly), I can't really add any more time to my time card. :\

Since most of the new computers haven't come in yet, we've been tearing down the old labs and fixing the wiring so that they're not all over the place. And we sometimes have odd jobs to do like setting up the tables for commencement or for a professor and doing paperwork for them, too, just because we have nothing else to do.

We also had to clean out an old lab that's going to get new towers. Jeremy told us that we could throw away all of the papers and books in there, and being the students who have been going to school for 13 years, we thought that it would be a great idea to finally burn some textbooks like we've always said we would. XD So we set aside some books and pamphlets that we're going to burn. Not exactly sure yet where we're going to burn them, but we will. Eventually. XD

What's also great is the fact that our supervisor, Jeremy, trusts us to get the job done, so he doesn't bother us about what to do. We go to him when we have finished our jobs and want to know what to do next or just for tools, and he let's us go afterwords.

It's the most chill job ever. We can take as much time as we want working since there isn't much to do, and we go on an hour and a half lunch breaks just because we can.

Cam and I decided that we were going to eat out at all of the places we haven't eaten before after going out to eat lunch together the first time, lol. Now that Charles is working with us, he's going to be joining us too, I guess. :P

It's cool though. I finally ate at Roly Poly the first day I worked, which was a place Shelle was supposed to take me to forever ago. Cam and I went to the Greek Deli Corner shop the next time since we were driving around downtown Macon, trying to find parking, although we were originally planning on going to the Rook, lol. Although we both went to Francar's before, we went there the next time because Shelle had a coupon that she wanted to use before it expired. Then, yesterday, we went to the original Fountain of Juice (we have one on campus that's never open any time I'm around -__-") since it was my first time eating there.

Wonder where we'll eat at next week since Cam isn't going to be here since he'll be out of town on vacation with his family. Man, what are we gonna do since Cam became our unofficial leader since he knows his way around the buildings and what to do since he's done this before? D:

And when am I finally going to start working out again like I said I would over the summer? -__-" I'll get around to it eventually. ...right? XD

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