Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm finally back!

The conference ended on Wednesday, but we ended up staying at my grandma's house that night since she was disappointed that we didn't see her on Saturday, lol. She fed us so much, and we hung out with Megan for a couple of hours, too, which also involved lots of eating... I'm never gonna starve over there, lol. XD

Then, I had to wake up early to go to work today and then do a bunch of errands before finally going home, so there was lots of driving and walking and GA heat/humidity (the weather has finally decided to act normal now -__-), so I've been pretty tired.

But this whole week has been pretty fun. It was long, but fun. 

The conference was fun. There weren't many students there, mainly just adults, so it was kind of alienating at times because it was catered more towards an older demographics. Like when we went through the Expo, it was obvious that none of the booths really took us seriously because they knew that we weren't going to buy anything or use their software. But they did give away a lot of cool stuff and a bunch of USB drives, which was really cool.

Check out some of my swag, lol. Ignore the Nerf gun, but we did get to keep the LEGOs from one of the sessions we went to. 

Half of the sessions that I went to were kind of boring since they didn't really pertain to me at all. Plus, I was tired in the first place. But the infographics, gamification, and LEGOs workshop definitely had my interest. I'm glad that I went to those.

Although there was free wi-fi for the STC attendees, it was only available on the two floors that all of the sessions took place at, and it was spotty at most, so I didn't really have time to get on the interwebs besides to Snapchat my friends, lol. 

We went to Benihana, this cool Japanese hibachi place for lunch one day with these other TCO students from New Mexico, and our chief wrote this for us, lol.

Instead, me and my roommates ended up watching a bunch of tv shows at night once all of the events were over. I've never watched so much tv--especially reality tv--in my life. People are so weird, especially gypsies. After watching a couple of episodes of "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding," I feel so bad for all of the women in there since they are basically treated as maids to their husbands/boyfriends, never allowed to go out and forced to clean their house all day.

However, I actually didn't watch that much tv since I was reading on my tablet's Kindle app, half of the time, lol. While my roommates were watching tv, I was reading and half-listening to the tv. :P I managed to read two ebooks, but they weren't that great so I just kind of sped through both of them.

But the hotel we stayed at, which was where the conference took place at, was pretty cool, too.

And now I'm gonna go read some more. Or sort out what books to read next since I'm finally home and surrounded by millions of books again. :P


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