Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Don't Want to Go to Prom!

Am I odd because I don't want to go to prom because I'm cheap and think it's too much of a hassle?

(I really need to stop buying so many books since I don't even have time to read anymore.)

Half of my friends want me to go to prom because their parents are forcing them to, and the other half just wants to go since it's senior year and our last time to ever go to a formal dance and whatnot. But the ones who are being forced to go are okay with going since they know that their friends are also going to prom, which means that they can all suffer together. :P

And they want me to go because I'm the only one out of our group of friends who doesn't want to go. And I'm sure for some other reasons, too. :P I should ask them why.

Maybe it's because homecoming turned out so fun that everyone's excited for prom, especially because everyone gets a later curfew compared to homecoming.

I know that going to prom would most likely end up being fun, especially if it was like how homecoming turned out to be, but I just don't want to go. And really, why is everyone already talking about prom when it's MONTHS AWAY? Like, more than half a year away.

I think the main reason why I refuse to go to prom is because everyone's trying to force or bribe me to go, and I just feel like being stubborn. Plus, I also think it's ridiculously way too early to be thinking a out it anyway.

I regret telling Emily and Meethu about Bryan asking me to prom. I should have realize that they'd use him as part of their argument. -__-" It's only been four days since homecoming, but it already feels like it's been weeks since the dance, what with all of their nagging and pleading. :P

And I impulsively came up with a condition for me to go to prom yesterday that I totally regret telling my friends. If I was to agree to it, I should have told them later so they'd have less time. >:)

My condition to go was that everyone at my lunch table would have to get a legit date for prom, meaning that Emily actually had to get a date instead of paying a guy to take pictures with her as her date like she was planning to since her mom's forcing her to get a date and take pics of them together.

I'm pretty sure that everyone else won't have too hard of a time to get a date, though, especially since I came up with the condition so early in the year. Why did I have to open my mouth?! D:

Anyway, I gotta go! Lots of homework and studying to do. How come Fitz waited until today to tell us that we had a test tomorrow?! I was barely paying attention in class for the last week! D:




  1. I dont want to go to my prom either its not a big deal for me but my mum is forcing me to go fml i dont want to go!!!!! sigh all the people i dislike are there I have friends but OMG its so expensive. why should I spend money i DONT have to go to a prom I DONT like to spend time with most people i hate and wear clothes im not comfortable in.

    1. That's exactly how I thought about it! I'm not comfortable wearing heels and wearing extravagantly gaudy dresses, and why should I go to prom if I had to pay for my own dress and whatnot when I don't even like them?

      But... I'm going to prom after all (I kind of knew that I would go in the end). I bought a dress with my friends over Winter Break that wasn't that expensive, and I didn't even have to get a pair of heels since my older sis just gave me her old silver ones, so it turned out to be much cheaper than I originally thought it would be. :)

      I'm not particularly excited to go to prom now, but I'm not adamantly against going anymore. I guess if you DO end up going to prom, all those people you dislike? Well, mean-spirited or not, wouldn't it be great to make fun of their outfits or dates? Lol, I'm pretty sure half of the people who go to prom just to gossip about everyone else.

  2. I feel ur pain, I'm in a similar situation this year. I kinda the only one out of my friends circle that doesn't want to go. And they say they can't have a good time without me and they annoy me about it everyday. Honestly how can girls dance in those dresses and shoes I'd rather wear a pair of short shorts and a tank top to prom (if I'm going). Personally I think it's oversees and a tonne of money I would rather buy a new computer or a guitar.

    1. Lol, I like how practical you are. You could definitely be spending your money on other things instead of dresses and shoes, especially if you're not even comfortable wearing them.

      However, I can see why your friends keep on bugging you about going. If you're a senior, it's your last chance to go to prom with your friends. It's one more memory of your final year in high school that you and your friends are going to look back on over and over again as you reminisce your high school years every time you get together after you graduate and college has separated you guys. Can you blame them for trying to spend as much time and create as many memories together before you all go your separate ways?

      However, if you're a junior, then I definitely wouldn't go. One, going to prom twice always seemed so lame. Two, it's even more costly. At my old high school, juniors had to pay to go to prom while it was free for seniors.

      Anyway, that's just my two cents. Prom was fun because I was hanging out with my best friends the whole time, all the way through dress shopping, shoe shopping, putting on makeup and doing hair, and taking pictures. We were all acting goofy together so it was fun instead of exhausting.