Monday, September 5, 2011

Robin Hood, High School of the Dead, Stupid People, & Revenge

So, last weekend, I started watching the old tv series Robin Hood that came out in 2006 with my friend Bryan on Netflix. I really like it. It's funny and smart, and they all have British accents. Plus, the characters make it so easy for you to know if you like or hate them. Like, Robin is smart, charismatic, charming, and a bit of a player when it comes to women, but you know that he only really likes Marian. And the Sheriff is your typical bad guy: despicable, detestable, cruel, and a coward when it comes to saving his own life. 

But yeah, I'm almost done watching season one (there's only three seasons), and I can't wait to finish the season. All weekend, whenever I had free time, I just wanted to get on Netflix and watch Robin Hood (which I did half of the time), which is pretty bad since I have to study for my calc test that I have tomorrow and on Wednesday (it was pushed back since Mrs. Grange was absent last week and such). But actually, last night I watched the entire first season of this anime called High School of the Dead.

It only had 12 episodes for the season, and each episode only lasted 25 minutes, so I stayed up until 2 in the morning watching it all. You see, I bought the first two volumes of the manga earlier this year (the anime was based on the manga) and enjoyed it enough. But I wanted to watch the anime since I like watching action scenes, and I wanted to see how the series ended. In the end, I think I like the anime better than the manga just because of the fact that I get to watch all of the fighting scenes, and the music went along great with the scenes, too. I'm planning on writing a review of the anime later (cuz I really should be studying right now as it is -__-").

In conclusion, I think I'm going to continue using Netflix even after my free month is over since I still have so much stuff I want to watch on there (why do most of them have to be tv series and anime series?!). Gah, really... when am I ever going to find time to read all of my books, too?? :\

Oh yeah, Assassin finally started last Thursday. Because of a setback (a lot of people didn't change their profile pics to one showing their face and only themselves in it), people couldn't get a whole day to stake out their target as planned. Instead, everyone got their targets the night before the game started. It was also at that time that some people decided to leave the group at the last minute, which really pissed me off because I had already written down all of the players of the game to have randomly sort out for me for the target assignments. 

Also, Emily couldn't get online because her parents decided to go out that night, and the internet on my laptop kept on crapping out every other minute, so that mainly left Jeffy and Bryan to send everyone their targets. And people kept on being stupid, saying that they didn't know who their targets were (which IS THE POINT OF THE GAME; YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW EVERYONE) and spamming the group asking if everyone's gotten their targets already cuz they didn't. 

Made me so irritated. WE WERE WORKING ON IT. JUST CHILL OUT. THE REASON WHY YOU HAVEN'T GOTTEN YOUR TARGET YET IS BECAUSE YOU'RE DISTRACTING US BY POSTING ON THE GROUP BOARD WHILE WE'RE SENDING OUR MESSAGES OUT. Then, after we finished sending out all of the targets, some people had the nerve to say that they never got an assignment when I CALLED THEM OUT EARLIER SAYING THAT THEY COULDN'T PLAY UNTIL THEY CHANGED THEIR PROFILE PICTURE. I was so stressed out and irritated that night, I really didn't know if I wanted to go on with the game since everyone was being idiots. 

But I guess it was worth it when, the next morning at school, everyone told me how Gerrick was the first one killed, and the first bell hadn't even rang yet. Plus, it was fun watching people be so paranoid and stuff. Like, on Friday, we had picture day for our yearbooks and student IDs, and a whole bunch of seniors playing the game (myself included :D) got to see Alexa kill Collin, which was probably the most epic kill of the day since Collin was super paranoid since he already knew that Alexa was after him, clinging with his back to the walls. The one time he left the wall to pick up his books, Alexa flew out from behind the curtains and put her sticky note on him. His face was priceless. Plus, everyone started clapping afterwords. It was quite amazing, lol.

And I also found out a while ago that the juniors copied our game and were starting their game some time this week. I came up with an awesome idea for revenge. We pause our game of Assassin, thus giving everyone another break from their constant paranoia at school for a while, and attack all of the players of the juniors' game with our sticky notes. But I want everyone to mainly target the two founders of the group, Cameron and Mark. >:) It's going to be great. I just have to found out when it starts since my spy already gave me a list of names.

Also, I found this pic a while ago, but I still wanted to share it on here. How awesome is that bookcase? I so want it!

Anyway, I really should start studying now. Cuz I know I'll never be able to focus on studying at night when I'll really want to finish watching season one of Robin Hood. 

Until next time~ :P

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