Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun Day, Past Week, and Upcoming Week :)

Geh, today feels like forever since I had to wake up at 6:30 again to get ready for the ACTs. Even though the thing starts at 8, Emily was picking me up and we wanted to get something to eat for breakfast, which we did at Burger King since her mom had coupons for it. 

The meal was decent. We both got 2 crousant sandwiches, since our coupons said that we could buy one and get one free. Didn't finish the second one, though. And I still wished that I had a McGriddle instead... But! We both got crowns so that we can finally wear them at school to declare our seniority! :D

Also, at the ACTs, this time at Rumble Academy, we saw a lot of our friends and classmates there. At least a fourth of the takers were from HOCO, which was awesome. But, I don't think that I did so well on the test this time. I just couldn't bring myself to care about it or to try to do well, and I was really hoping to get a higher grade than my first time I took it. Plus, I didn't get to finish most of the sections, so I had to guess on quite a few of them, and I didn't even have time to do that on the math section of the exam, which meant that I had around 14 questions blank! D:

But whatever. I really can't bring myself to care right now anyway. 

I never realized that! O__O

Afterwards, Emily and I hung out with our friends for a bit, waiting with them for their rides to go before leaving to go to Pizza Hut to eat. 

After stuffing ourselves, we went to go to the mall to get some stuff from Claire's. Emily wanted to get some earrings for her homecoming dress, and I wanted to see if they had any fingerless gloves for my costume. 

You see, next week is Homecoming Week. On Monday, it's Sports day where you dress up in your favorite team's colors and logos, Tuesday is Nerd Day, Wednesday is Character Day where you dress up as your favorite character (celebrity, game, or what have you), Thursday is Spirit Day, and Friday is Decade Day, with a dance later that night.

I'm not dressing up for Monday since I'm not into sports, which is why I don't support team, but I'm totally dressing up for Nerd Day though! I'm going to tape my glasses, wear the suspenders that I bought at Claire's today over my khaki bermuda shorts, with Emily's BE NERDY shirt that I gave her for Christmas last year since it's too small for her (big chest, lol) now, and have my hair in ponytails. It's going to be epic! XD Plus, a whole bunch of my friends are dressing up nerdy, too, so it's going to be great.

If only I could be half as nerdy as her, lol. 

And I already figured out who I wanted to dress up for on Wednesday on Thursday! I want to be Ash Ketchum! I already ordered his hat online from Amazon on Thursday ($22 but so worth it :D), with the fast shipping. It should come by Tuesday. And since I couldn't find any gloves at the mall, I'm just going to get some from the band vending machine since everyone told me that I could just use those. But I did buy me a small Pikachu keychain that I can hook to my belt, and I have my Pokeball stressball, too, so I can't wait to dress up on Wednesday. The only thing that I'm missing is Ash's jacket, but I figured that I'll just say that I left it at home, lol.

For spirit day, all of the grades have a different color. Usually, the freshmen were green (so that they stood out the most), the sophomores white, the juniors gray, and the seniors black. However, for this year, all of the freshmen and sophomores are white (or was it gray... I don't remember -__-"), the sophomores gray, and seniors black. 

I'm going to go all out for Spirit Day, too. I'm already planning on dressing in all black and wearing my crown after I paint and decorate it with the stickers that Emily and I bought at Wally World today. And maybe wear the spirit beads that I bought last year for Mr. Richardson's extra credit thinger. :P

I don't have any clothes for Decade Day though. But, I'm going to stay behind for a bit to help decorate for the dance later that night since Emily's doing it (she's my ride as always), and because I get extra credit in Ms. Brown's class, too. You get extra credit for dressing up during Homecoming Week if you're in one of her marketing classes, too. 

And, originally, Emily, Meethu, Jackie, and I planned on going to Waffle House after the dance [cuz it always tastes better in the middle of the night :3], but now, Shanice and her friend, Seth (the loser won't go to the dance! And refuses to dress nicely when he goes to Waffle House), Erika, Kelly, and Emma are going with us, too! And probably Jeffy (who refuses to go to the dance, too) and Bryan will come, too. 

Heh, Bryan texted me earlier today saying that he'd come. I'm pretty sure it my bugging him about going played at least a small part in convincing him to go. :P Especially since he said that he didn't want to go earlier this year when I asked him since he said that he didn't want to go when none of his friends were going. Now practically all of my friends are going. :3

Except for Collin. Omg, what Meethu told me yesterday had me laughing my head off in astonishment and increduality. You see, Meethu and Emily both like him and want him to go to the dance even though Meethu already has a date and Emily's trying to get over him. Actually, Meethu said that she's already over him.

But anyway, for the past week, we've all been bothering him, trying to get him to go to the dance. I only did it because I knew that it would have made Emily and Meethu happy if he did go. Plus, I liked arguing and trying to force his stubborn self to go. Apparently, he told Erika yesterday that he thought that all three of us had a crush on him! I laughed so hard when Meethu told us that!

I don't like Collin like that. I've hardly ever spoken to him since freshmen year since we didn't have any classes together since then. And it's not only Emily and Meethu who has had a crush on the guy. I know three other classmates and friends who has had or still has a crush on him, and I can't for the life of me figure out what's so attractive about the guy. 

I mean, yeah, he's snarky but nice and funny, but I just don't get how so many girls can like him. Emily told me that she likes guys who are snarkier than her and who are nice on the inside because she likes that verbal sparring and knows that they're not total jerks. I still don't know why Meethu likes him other than the fact that he was the first guy to actually notice her when she moved her last year. And I don't know any of the other girls that well to ask them such a personal question, or we're never in a place where other people can't overhear our conversation.

Also, I think the main reason why I don't like him in that way is because my standards are too high from Kpop and reading too many books. :P Plus, that would be just too awkward, devoping a crush on the guy that my friends all happen to be crushing on, too. I'm pretty sure that my subconscious is keeping me from liking him to save me the drama, cuz I really don't like it. 

But yeah, the guy's being obscenely obstinate, saying that he can't go since he has to work. Meethu works at the same movie theater as he does and can change her shifts easily. I'm pretty sure that he can too. Even if that didn't work, he had a whole week to ask his manager in advance for a schedule change. The jerk. He's just being stubborn on purpose. 

Emily and I bet that he's enjoying all of the attention, too. :P I mean, HE'S the one who's always bringing Homecoming up and how he won't go. We don't even remember until he tells us that he's not going.

Any, Emily and I already got our dresses weeks ago the last time we went to the mall together with Jackie. I hope that no one's going to be wearing our dresses at the dance. That'd be really awkward... >__>

And, since Emily and Meethu won't let me wear my regular jewelry since the gold doesn't match my dress, I bought some silver earrings at Claire's today. It was one of those earring sets that came with 4 or 6 different pairs, so I'll let them choose which ones to wear later. And I didn't have to buy a necklace since I remembered that I could wear the cute star necklace that Nicole gave me for Christmas a few years ago. :3

We've already planned out on what we were going to do to get ready. Originally, we had planned to get ready at Meethu's house, but since she has a date and she doesn't want her parents to find out, we're going to get ready at my house. [I still have to tell my mom that I can't babysit that day... -__-"]

Everyone's going to take showers and get ready at my house after we help decorate the lunchroom for a bit afterschool, and Zack's going to pick Meethu up at my house a bit earlier to have a potluck at one of his friends' house. Hmm... are Emily and I going to eat anywhere beforehand...?

But before we leave, we're going to take some pictures of us at my house, and depending on when Zack picks Meethu up, we're going to stop by Emily's house so that her mom can take pictures of her. Then we'll go to the dance and watch awkward people dance and grind on each other and dance like lunitics. :D Afterwards, we go to Waffle House! I want me some hashbrowns! ^^

So yeah, next week's going to be awesome. I just hope that we don't have so much homework and tests to do. I know that we'll still have a poetry response due on Friday. Maybe I should get started on it soon, just so that I won't be staying up so late working on it like last time.

Actually, I've been sleeping around midnight this whole week even though I didn't even have that much homework to do. And I didn't even update throughout all of that time. 

But then again, I was really into reading whenever I had  a chance all week. I'm almost done reading all of my volumes of Nodame Cantabile. I fricken LOVE that series. I wish that I had the time to watch the drama that I downloaded last year. However, I remember how the beginning of the series was... I don't know if I can handle their relationship in its early stages now that I know that Chiaki actually likes Nodame. :\ But I really want to hear the music! 

On the next break that I have, I'm going to watch it! ...I hope. -__-"

I also promised myself that I would read as much as I could during all of my breaks to help lower my TBR pile, too, which I still plan on doing. Also, I finally caught up on my reading challenge! It says that I'm 0% behind now! :D

Gotta keep on reading! 

Anyway, I gotta go now. Have to upload embarressing pictures of my friends and of myself on FB now. :P


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