Saturday, September 17, 2011

This Week Was Whoa O__O

As I expected, this week was really fun and interesting, especially last night. But I'll get to that in a minute.

I dressed up for three of the five days of Spirit Week and took lots of pictures of all of my friends. I also created a challenge and another side project for myself involving taking lots of pictures. After having a random conversation with Seth, I decided to make a 30 Lunch Table Challenge, which is where I take a pic of everyone who sits at my lunch table for 30 days and upload them in my album on FB. It's pretty funny since I usually manage to take embarrasssing/funny pictures of everyone. :D 

The other project I came up with was inspired by my Ash Ketchum costume. I decided to create my own PokeMANS collection, meaning that I take individual pictures of all of my friends and teachers and giving them special abilities that they can come up with or give me the choice of choosing for them. I took a lot of pics of my friends in their costumes from Character Day, so there's quite a variety. :) I have yet to create that album on FB, but I think it's going to be a year-long project, lol, collecting all of my friends' and strangers' pics.

Lol, I WISH that I could get that many people's pictures to do a collage like this!

So, last night was the Homecoming Dance, and it was quite an interesting night, lol. Once we found out what time Meethu's date, Zack, was picking her up at my house, we had to rush through everything since it was so early. 

Since he said that they were taking pictures at his house 5:45, we had to skip staying after school to help decorate the lunchroom, and went straight to the bank for Meethu to get some money (poor girl, her parents couldn't find out that she was taking any money, so this was all secret stuff). After that, we went to Kroger to pick up her buttonier and get another cake for the potluck Meethu was going to have with Zack and his friends. 

Finally, we went to my house, ate a quick snack, and we all jumped in the showers since it 20 minutes until 4 already. Then, we all gathered in my bathroom to start to get ready, Emily attempting to curl her hair, Meethu doing some last minute threading, and me eating Cheeto's Puffs, lol.

We eventually got to the makeup part, and Shanice came over to get primped, too. Since I have never put on makeup myself, everyone (including my mom) was having fun watching me fail at being girly, lol. -__-" I eventally had Meethu put eyeliner and mascara on me. 

Then, Zack came really early, around 3:20, and no one was in their dresses yet, so all of the girls were rushing upstairs while Zack had to suffer sitting on the coach watching some drama in Vietnamese my mom was watching. Then, we had a crisis upstairs since we couldn't zip up Meethu's dress all of the way no matter what we did. Eventally, we had my mom come up, and she fixed it. Apparently, we had to zip it up slowly, which was the complete opposite of what we were doing, trying to pull the zipper up as fast as we could. -__-"

So, we were finally done and took a few pictures together. They didn't turn out that great, but it's better than nothing. After they left, Shanice came back (she had to go home to get her earrings and something else that she forgot) and we kind of cleaned up a little, and then decided to go eat at Sonic since we were hungry. 

We stopped at Emily's house first so that her mom could take pictures of her outside, and I had a GREAT, HILARIOUS idea. What if we all took individual pictures in front of Emily's car so that it looked like one of those car calendars? It would be so funny! We just had to get enough girls to do it with us! I mean, we were already planning on meeting up with at least 5 other girls already! But Emily and Shanice rejected the idea... :(

Then we finally went to Sonic and ordered our food and went back to my house to eat it, just chatting and whatnot. By that time, it was already 6:30, so we just chilled on the couches downstairs while I attempted to take pics of Emily since she didn't want to take any. Lol, I loved how Shanice would immediately drop into a pose once she saw the camera pointed her way. ^^

Around 7:20, we left for the dance even though it started at 7:30, since Emily wanted a good parking spot. We weren't super early, though, since there was already quite a bit of people already there, which was surprising. But, no one was dancing and everyone was just standing in groups awkwardly as I expected, lol.

No one really started dancing until around 8 when there was a lot more people in the lunchroom. By that time, my friends found some more friends who actually liked to dance, so we were dragged into dancing, and it was fun dancing awkwardly, having no idea what I was doing, lol. Shanice, Emily and I took our shoes off early once we started dancing, though, since we knew that they were going to kill us while we got our groove on. XD 

But man, it got SO hot in there, and jumping and dancing did not help at all. I was getting sweaty and hot so fast, it was insane. Then there was more people, and everyone was dancing all close together and the bass was thumping so loud that you could feel the vibrations inside of you, and I really wished that it could of been a concert instead. XD Or that they played some more songs that I recognized as the night progressed. 

After the first hour and a half, the DJ just started playing ghetto black people songs that I didn't recognize and that basically gave people an excuse to get close to people and grind up on each other. Or do someother booty-shaking, low, dirty dancing. It was kind of gross.

Really, they should of had this sign at the dance. :P
So yeah, we had originally planned on leaving around 10:30 to go to Waffle House with everyone, but decided to leave around 10 since the dance was getting kind of boring since all everyone was doing was just grinding on everyone else. 

But, in the end, we didn't manage to round everyone up and leave until around 10:30 anyway. -__-" So, we finally went to Waffle House with everyone, Bryan and me carpooling with Shanice, who ended up being the last ones to get there. Even outside, we could see through the windows that the place was already crowded with some people who was at the dance there already, the rest of our friends already at the booths, and some people from Warner Robins High School there, too, coming from a game (we could easily tell because all of the paint on them).

Nicole, Collin, Emma, Kelly, and Erica didn't come since they drove by and saw that it was too crowded, which was sad. They decided to go to Sonic's instead. :(

So yeah, all of our friends managed to fit into two booths, and Mia came in a little later since she wanted to stay behind with her date a little bit. And boy, did she have a little surprise story to tell us about what happened to her. Her date basically tried to get it on with her in her car. O__O

We talked and laughed and took pictures and had a good time. I was kind of sad that I couldn't sit with Meethu and Emily at their booth in front of us, but my table was really fun.

Shared half a waffle with Shanice and also had mushroom hashbrowns, deliciousness to the max!
In the end, everyone at my table ended up staying in my room hanging out later that night after Emily and Meethu had come over to get their stuff before leaving since they had a curfew at 11:30. Mia and Seth had a curfew at midnight and Jackie, Shanice, and Bryan didn't really have a curfew. Did I ever mention how much I love my parents for not caring to give me a curfew? :D

But yeah, after we finished eating at Waffle House, everyone wanted to go do something that we wouldn't normally do in fancy dresses, but we ended up going to my house since Emily and Meethu had to go home soon. My mom was asleep in her room, so she didn't hear the bunch of teenagers come in and invade my room, lol.

While the two got their stuff, everyone else was standing around trying to figure our what was open this late at night that wasn't too far since we only had 40 minutes until midnight. In the end, we just decided to hang out in my room, while slowly, everyone started going home.

Mia and Seth left 10 minutes before midnight with Seth taking Jackie home, and Shanice told her dad that she was going home around 12:30, so she eventually left after talking about old anime with Bryan and me. Then Bryan texted his parents to pick him up and eventally left around 12:50.

But I think Meethu was right about Bryan liking me... After everyone else left, we were talking and somehow got onto the topic of prom, and he kept trying to get me to go to prom, eventally saying "Go to prom with me" even though I've already told everyone that I don't want to go to prom because it's so much effort. 

Like, Homecoming was enough effort as it is. And I didn't even have a date. But watching Meethu and all that she had to do because she had a date, just made me REALLY not want to go.

And besides, I went to a dance this year already: Homecoming. So I think I've already filled my dancing requirements for Senior year. :P

But yeah, he kept on trying to persuade me to go to prom even though, unlike most of our friends, our parents aren't forcing us to go. So, why else would a guy ask someone to go to prom with him if not because they like her? Plus, he was asking for hugs quite a few times last night (and he's the type of person who doesn't like people touching him unless a few exceptions), and he's been texting me a lot for the past few days and we always talk whenever I get on FB, too. And he'd usually flirt or compliment me on there, but I just thought that it was all in jest and whatnot. But now... I don't know.

Anyway, I eventually told him that I'd think about it since prom was so far away anyway. Plus, if the theme was going to suck like last year, I really wouldn't go no matter what. Also, I remembered that I had kind of made plans with Krista to go to her prom with her or that she'd go to my prom with me, so we'd see how everything would work out.

Also, it was like the world was on Bryan's side since we got on Netflix on our Xbox 360's later that night to watch a movie together, and it just HAD to mention prom in it. O__O 

Well, we were watching 13 Assassins, but we didn't know that it was in subtitles, and it was 1 in the morning and we were tired, so we decided to watch something else. We ended up watching The LXD: The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, which is this random movie that I found on there, and the first part of the movie involved teenagers going to prom.

It was so not cool, but also pretty funny when you thought about it. Like, really, if I knew how the movie went and suggest it to him, it really would have been like a sign that I DID want to go to prom afterall. But I don't. :P

But yeah, we didn't finish the movie since we were both falling asleep [it was 2 something by the time I finally went to bed], so we're planning on eventually finishing it sometime later. Prolly tonight after my bro finally gets off the Xbox around midnight or whatever time my mom forces him to get off.

But yeah, I guess I was more tired than I thought since I actually overslept for an hour today, waking up around 10 instead of usually waking up around 9 on Saturdays no matter how late I stayed up the night before. Luckily, the kids weren't doing anything crazy when I finally came over to babysit.

Anyway, I'm going to go, cuz I still fell a little tired (I thought that I was losing my voice from talking so much last night since it sounded so rough when I started talking this morning, but it sounds almost back to normal now, lol).

Later guys~

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  1. wow sounds like a really interesting night.