Friday, September 30, 2011

My Plans for Fall Break

Since I've been into making lists lately, I figured I might as well make a list of what I'm planning to do over the break! :D

My Plans for Fall Break:
  • do good on the SAT tomorrow [not likely :P]
  • eat at Steak & Shake afterwards :D
  • fill out college applications 
  • fill out scholarship applications
  • email remaining Assassin players
  • meet up with group to work on Heart of Darkness template next Wednesday
  • go to the fair next Sunday
  • participate in the Flash Mob at the fair if it's still on
  • hopefully go to Athens with friends
  • go to La' Berry with Shanice if it's finally open & and the cupcake store!
  • watch Lion King 3D with Monica
  • hang out with Jeffy and Emily
  • plan a day where everyone comes over to help Mia and I do our bubble pictures
  • call Krista and plan a day to hang out together [prolly end up with a sleepover]
  • go to Gottwals and sell some old books that I don't want
  • practice driving in the morning like the 'rents want me to
  • vacuum room
  • go to the bank
  • rewrite my Their Eyes Were Watching God essay using the Chunk Theory
  • write a poetry response
  • watch Xmen: First Class and Chuseok specials 
  • finish reading Firebirds, Nodame Cantabile, and Beautiful Creatures
  • finish watching Dream High and Robin Hood season 2
  • read the rest of my Percy Jackson series books that I own
  • read at least 2 other books
  • and SLEEP

And since nothing I plan ever actually happens, let's see wait and see what I really manage to accomplish by the end of the break! :P

I figured that I'd just cross out the stuff that I actually manage to do on here and make another post at the end of the break that lists everything that I actually did over the break to compare and see if I actually follow through on my lists.

Anyway, later~

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