Monday, December 19, 2011

What's been up.

It's been a while since I've updated, hasn't it? :P

Actually, I had a little update last week when my Christmas Break officially started, but a lot has happened since then! Let's see if I can actually type this out in chronological order without going back and adding on to everything. :P

It's looks and sounds like a typical girly or
fanservicey anime, but it's not!
On Thursday, I spent the entire morning and afternoon watching this anime called Angel Beats! on Netflix, finishing it around half an hour before my bro and cousin came home from school. I had watched the first episode a while ago, but it didn't interest me that much to make me want to finish the series, which is actually pretty short since it's only 13 episodes long.

I don't really know why, but I decided to watch the second episode that morning, and it interested me enough to finish watching the rest of the series. The anime really surprised me. I thought that there would just be action and some slapstick comedy, but it went even further than that; it was sad and moving at times, too. I think I'll do a review on it sometime later this week. 

Actually, I think that I'm getting back into my anime/manga phase again. The week before last, I watched Kaichou wa Maid-sama because I had really liked the manga when I had read it years ago, and I ended up really liking the anime version, too. It's just so funny and frustrating at the same time since Misaki is so dense half of the time, but she's still pretty lovable, and Usui is the most hilarious and perverted and awesome male lead ever. XD

And then, on Wednesday night, I started reading Rockin' Heaven, this manga that I had also started reading ages ago that had finally been finished. I finished the series in a few days. Although it starts off like a typical shojo manga, it does get better. Expect a review of the first volume soon.

And because of all of that, I now want to read more shojo manga and have around eight tabs opened that have anime series that I want to watch. -__-"

But I'm holding myself back from doing either since I already have piles of books and movies and TV series to read/watch first. Like, I have a pile of books that were published this year who's sequels will be released in January or February, so I want to read them first to make sure if I want to buy the sequels when they come out next year and not waste money on a book that I won't like. 

And I'm slowly working on my piles of movies and TV series. The other day, I finally watched Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and I started watching the first season of Fringe yesterday, which is really interesting. I think I'll be able to watch three or four episodes a day, so it shouldn't take me too long to finish it. I'm not sure if I'll have to watch the second season, though, since this break already seems to fly by much too quickly for my liking. 

Anyway, on Friday, Meethu walked over to my house from Bare Bulb in the morning, and we got to working, baking Emily's surprise birthday cake. Since her birthday is tomorrow, we wanted to do something before her birthday so she really wouldn't expect it. It turned out great. XD

While the cake was baking, we tried to make icing, since we didn't have the time to buy any of it earlier that week and since Meethu figured out that she knew how to make it since she saw her mom make it plenty of times. Yeah... it turn out right. So, after the cake was done cooking, we took it out to cool, and I drove us to Publix in my mom's Lexus. 

It was my first time driving in months and also my first time driving the Lexus, so I drove around my neighborhood for a bit to familiarize myself with the car and what to do. I remembered everything easily. :D Driving to Publix wasn't that hard, and since I still wasn't that great at parking, I just parked near the back where there weren't any cars near us. We went in, got the icing and some party poppers (which we forgot to use later -__-"), paid for it, and went back home, where I didn't pay attention and drove on a curb in the parking lot. -__-"

So, we went home and started decorating the cake. To make this cake unforgettable, instead of writing "Happy Birthday" on it like normal people, Meethu and I wrote "PROM?" on the top layer with a heart around it and "LOL JK!" on the bottom layer with sprinkles all around it. It was beautiful. XD

We finished the cake pretty early. Since we didn't have anything better to do since Emily wouldn't be back home until four, we went up to my room. Meethu started working on her AP Art project, which involved drawing a self-portrait of herself in the present and how she wanted to look in the future, and I started wrapping presents. 

Shanice came over around 11 since she had to take a final in the morning and had finally finished. We hung out in my room for a bit until we became hungry and went to Top China for lunch. We ended up staying there for an hour just talking. 

Since we had a lot of time to waste afterwards, we decided to watch a movie. Since there wasn't any scary movie that we wanted to watch on Netflix, we stopped by Walgreen's to check out the movies at Red Box and ended up with Bridesmaids. Then, we went inside to get ice cream and drinks, and Meethu and I found this giant plush dog stuffed animal that was only $20. We had originally planned on going to Wally World to buy a giant Pillow Pet knock-off that was also $20 for Emily's birthday present, but the giant dog was so much bigger and softer and cuddlier, lol. So we bought it. 

Then we went back to my house to watch the movie. By the time it ended, it was near 3:30, and we had received a call from Emily's mom telling us that she was going to be home alone until 3:30, so we drove over to her house, put the cake on the little table near the door, and hid on the other side of the porch since it's L-shaped, and she wouldn't see us. 

I had my camcorder, so I stood near the edge of the corner and filmed her reaction after Meethu rang the doorbell and ran to hide. Emily had opened the door and was confused until she looked down and saw the cake, and then she laughed cuz she knew who did it. Then we should "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" and came out of hiding.

She gave all of us a hug and we went inside to eat the cake. It was pretty good, lol. Then we hung outside on the porch a bit until we had to go home since Meethu had called her mom to tell her what we were doing, and her mom had sounded mad, so she was worried that she did something wrong and needed to go home soon. 

Then Emily's mom had asked us if we wanted to go watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows with the rest of their family, so Shanice and I called our moms to ask, and I brought Brian along since he really wanted to go watch it. Then, we all went over to Meethu's house to ask her mom if she could come (and also because we figured that her mom wouldn't kill her if there were other people around, lol).

Turned out that her mom was mad, but she was mad at Meethu's sister. -__-" So it was fine for her to go to the movies. We went back to my house afterwards to pick up my bro and some cash, and then we went to the movies where Emily's family was already inside. 

The movie was pretty good. Everyone was shocked to find out that Emily's mom had already paid for all of our tickets and was going to buy us snacks, lol, but Emily said that it was part of their birthday present for her.  But still, it was really nice of her mom to do that since there were so many of us.

Also, the first trailer that they showed was The Hunger Games, and Shanice and I spazzed once we realized what movie it was, lol. We're so going to watch the movie together. :D

Have you seen the new poster? Isn't it great?! XD
After the movie was over, we went to Burger King since it was Free Fries Friday. After we got our order, we had to go home since it was already eight and Shanice's mom wanted her home by then. But we had to go back to my house first since Shanice had lost her phone. Turns out it was hidden in the couch. -__-"

So yeah, she went home after that, and I ate some pizza that my mom had ordered earlier for dinner. And then I opened my mail that I had received and found out that I had gotten Mercer's Presidential Scholarship! That's $22,000 a year for four years! Earlier that week (I think on Wednesday), I had received a letter from Mercer saying that had also received the Tift Scholarship, which meant that I recieved $1,000 a year for four years. 

You can only imagine how shocked and astounded and happy I was to read that letter saying that I had gotten the Presidential Scholarship. First of all, I really thought that my interview wasn't great. I mean, I talked about the unfairness of arranged marriages and Assassin, the game that I made up earlier this year; I wasn't sure how any of that related to being eligible for that scholarship, but Shelle told me that it was because I was passionate about what I talked about that probably helped me get it since that was what they were looking for. But I also can't help but think it was because two of the three interviewers knew my sister, so my connection with her might have helped a bit? I don't know...

But I don't really think about it  much, because I would like to believe that it was my doing that got me that scholarship, not who I know. 

But yeah, I called Shelle after telling my mom about it, and we added up the cost, from Mercer alone, I will have $41,000 from scholarship money. If we add in Hope and Pell and some other some other scholarship stuff from Mercer, I will have around $47,000 for college, which should definitely pay for pretty much everything. :c

I can't believe how much money I received. I can't believe that my parents won't have to pay that much for me, which is good since they still have to pay for Shelle, and since they finally finished building the house at the farm and are planning on building a pool in the backyard. 

Friday was a good day. :)

On Saturday, I had to babysit, so I finished reading Paradise by Jill S. Alexander and watched Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. I read some more manga and just lazed about all day. 

On Sunday, Shelle came home, so I had to help carry all of the stuff that she had brought home from her apartment back into her room. After lunch, we went Christmas shopping for the family. We stopped by Kohl's first to see if they had any nice blankets for our parents, but Shelle ended up only buying a tank top for Megan.

We went to the mall and got a jacket/cardigen for Nicole, a fluffy robe for grandpa, a shirt and pair of sweatpants for grandma, and blanket for our parents. Then, we went to La Berry to re-energize ourselves since we were tired. :P After that, we went to Rue 21 to buy shirts for Brian since his wardrobe is quite pitiful. We ended up buying six shirts for him. 

Then we finally went home to chill for a bit before eating dinner. The 'rents had went to the farm, so it was only us kids, and we had planned on going to watch In Time at the dollar theater at 7:20, so we finished eating, washed the dishes, and did the laundry while waiting for Brian to finish using the bathroom.

We arrived at the theater a minute before it was supposed to start, but we still had a minute before the lights dimmed down and the movie officially started showing. It was pretty good. Definitely original. I can't imagine how life would be if time was our only currency. 

After that, we went home, and Shelle and I started boxing up all of our presents. We were too lazy to wrap the boxes that needed it and to wrap the blanket. -__-"

Afterwards, Shelle finally left me alone to finish watching the first episode of Fringe, and I ended up sleeping around two in the morning after finishing the third episode.

Today, we went to the farm and saw the house. Brian's room was the biggest and had bay windows, which was why Shelle pitched a fit since she really wanted the windows. She told Mommy that she'd share the room with me if we got to keep the room and Brian could have our two rooms. 

I was perfectly fine with my room since I really liked the deep closet, which Brian's room didn't have, and even though it was small, it looked comfy. And besides, it wasn't like I was going to stay in the room a lot, so I didn't really care about what room I had so long as it had a bookshelf since Shelle and I still had two boxes of books stored somewhere on the farm that I really wanted to get; all of my Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat mangazines were in there. :P

My mom kind of agreed to let us have Brian's room, but I'm not so sure now... I mean, our family likes to say one thing and then do something else altogether. -__-"

So yeah, that's what's been up lately. I'm going to go take a nap, read Across the Universe by Beth Revis, or watch Fringe


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