Monday, December 5, 2011

Tumblr Pics 18

Well, today wasn't that bad for a Monday. I actually went to bed early (which was around 11, and I've been going to bed around 12-2 AM lately, so that was a vast improvement, lol), so I wasn't really tired! :D

And I did my Semester Project Presentation in Engineering, and it didn't turn out to be too horrible although I forgot some of the info over the weekend. :P My pictures made people laugh, so it was all good. :3 And Tyler promised to get me three chocolate bars for Christmas if I got him three cans of whipped cream, lol.

And now I must go remember how to find tangent lines using implicit differentiation for Calc and learn about momentum and something or another in Physics. Such joy. :P

But before I do, that last paragraph reminded me of something that Mrs. Staines told us earlier today. Usually, a person really likes math and science or history and literature because of the way they think. Either you need to know the definite answer or you like the vague answers that could be anything.

That made me wonder which type of person I am. I like math and I like literature. I hate how there's so many different answers to one question in books and yet I also hate how there's only one answer in math. Actually, I take that back, I like that there's only one answer in math since I would know that I'm either right or wrong. I guess I'm a math person after all. :P

So, enjoy the pics while I suffer through Calc. :P

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