Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cheap Ebooks are Cheap & I Have Been Missing Out on Epicness D:

I keep on telling myself that I don't need to buy anymore ebooks since I have over 100 on my Kindle Touch that needs to be read first. Then I see posts from other bloggers about great deals on ebooks like this or this, and I have to buy them since they're so cheap and because I have been wanting to buy/read them since forever.

So, now I have a bajillion ebooks to read on my Kindle and piles and piles of books to read in my room that I need to read first. :c

Check out the links! You'll save a ton of money buying them instead of the actual books!

On another off-topic note, I watched the new American version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo last night with my friends, and holy cow, why haven't I read this trilogy before???? My friends who had already read the books first said that the movie didn't totally stick true to the book, so they were a bit disappointed with it, but I thought that it was pretty good. 

Either way, I want to read the trilogy now. I mean, I've heard great reviews of the books before, but they were so big and daunting and I already had piles of thick books that I need to read first, so I never bothered buying any of the Millennium Trilogy books. Plus, they're adult books. I haven't read an adult book (apart from the required classics in my AP class) in ages.

Luckily, I know that the used bookstore in town always has copies of the books in stock, and most of them are in new condition. As soon as I can, I'm going to go there, sell some old books and buy me a copy of the trilogy. 

This isn't a movie poster, but I still like it. 

I want to go re-watch the movie so I can understand the beginning better and notice all of the little details now that I know what happens. XD

Anyway, gotta go!

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