Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of the year and what have I been doing? o__O

Only a couple of hours until the new year. What are you doing to celebrate? Better yet, are you even going to celebrate?

This morning, Shelle went to Atlanta to spend New Year's Eve with her friends and boyfriend. She's going to visit our grandparents in a few days and give them our presents while she's up there in the next few days.

Also this morning, my parents and bro went up to Atlanta, too, to spend the night with some friends since they weren't able to do that a couple of weeks ago when they had originally planned it.

As for me, I had to wake up early to help Shelle put all of the presents in her car, and then I went back to sleep until my mom told me to wake up since I had to babysit. Well, my parents told me that I could go to Atlanta with Shelle if I wanted to, but I declined since I didn't want to tag along with her while she hung out with her friends. Plus, I was still really tired and didn't want to pack and get ready.

I really need to stop sleeping around three in the morning...

So, what shall I do to celebrate the new year since I'm home alone tonight? I guess I could make some hot chocolate and watch the ball drop on TV...

I think I'll go for a walk around the neighborhood. I have yet to wear any of the hats I had recieved for Christmas, although last week, I finally got to use the headphones earmuffs that Shanice had given. :)

What did I do last year on New Year's Eve? I think I was home alone back then, too...

For the past few days, I haven't really been in a reading mood. Instead, I've been watching a lot of anime. -__-"

The other day, I started watching Shiki (TV) and Starry Sky, but I gave up on them after the first two episodes since they both didn't really interest me after all and I couldn't bring myself to watch anymore of either of them.

So then I started watching Guilty Crown, and I really liked it, although it wasn't until I finished watching the last episode online that I found out that there's one more episode, and it won't be released until near the end of January. SO now I have to wait forever to watch it. :(

The main reason why I liked the anime was because of the soundtrack, lol. I really liked all of the music played in it. The opening song of the first episode was really great even though it changed to something else for the rest of the episodes. The ending song was also good, and the music for all of the fighting scenes were very fitting and helped with the story.

My main problem was with the protagonist, Shu. He was such a pansy at times! It was irritating! But the great art and music made up for it in the end. :P

After I finished watching Guilty Crown (it was only 11 episodes long) and finished watching The Help (which I also really enjoyed), I started to watch Nabari no Ou yesterday. I finished watching all 26 episodes a couple of hours ago, and I really liked it.

I had originally read the first chapter of the manga years ago when it was first scanlated, but I kind of forgot about it after I moved and got interested in Kpop and busy with school. I had downloaded the anime last year, though, when I had found out that the anime was finished and subbed, so I finally watched it since I wanted to watch more anime instead of reading (although I still ended up reading a book called True (...sort of) by Katherine Hannigan--it's really good, too!).

But yeah, I was interested because of the art and the plot (I'm a sucker for ninja manga, lol) and especially because of the main character, Miharu, who was unlike any protagonist I had read about; he was apathetic.

So yeah, the anime was great. Instead of focusing on lots of action, the plot focused more on emotions and relationships and uncovering the truth. There were enough action scenes to keep it tense, and enough comedic scenes to keep it from being too serious, which undoubtedly helped the mood from being so depressing.

And the ending! I'm both sad and happy at what happened! D:

I found out on mangaupdates that the anime was only based on the first seven volumes of the manga, and since the manga is completed at 14 volumes, I'm going to read the manga as soon as I can (and maybe after I finish reading a pile of my TBR books first -__-").

Hmm...I should have just done a mini review on the anime...nah, I'm too lazy to go find all of the nesecarry info and format it. I'll just use this post. :P

I really want to watch the second season of Fringe, but I don't think that it'd be a good idea since school is starting soon. :( I guess I should just read some more, huh.

I forgot to mention, the other day, before I started watching anime (the days have been blurring together lately; I don't specifically remember which day I did what -__-"), I rearranged my bookshelves a bit.

Since the crate that housed all of my DVDs was growing too full, I decided to use a second crate to hold the excess DVDs, so I took all of my ARCs out of their crate and put them onto my books-I've-read bookcase. 

the newly arranged crates :D
Only, there wasn't enough room, so I took all of my "other" books (the ones that didn't fit any of the other genre shelves on the bookcase) and moved it to my other bookcase which mainly had TBR books on it. I moved my books-I-won-in-contests shelf down one shelf and put the "other" books in their old space.

my books-I've-read bookcase :D
Since I ran out of space for the books that used to be at the bottom shelf, I had to put them over in a pile on the other side of my bed with the rest of my TBR books. Even though I finally got my books-that-I-want-to-sell pile to shrink over the break, the added pile makes my piles of TBR books look even more crowded. :( [yeah... I don't think you could handle seeing all of my TBR piles, lol, so no picture! :P]

I really need to read. A LOT. No more buying books until I can successfully finish a pile of books. I think that's my New Year's Resolution for this year, lol. Watch me break it in a few weeks to buy Hallowed and the sequel to Angelfire. :P

On another random note, an ice cream truck came today, which was really odd since it's the middle of winter. o__O But then again, it hasn't been that cold all break...

Anyway, I think it's time to make that hot chocolate. Happy New Years!

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