Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Partially. :P

I don't have my glasses on since it's getting refitted with new lenses at the glasses shop place that my family and I were at earlier. My mom's going back there later today to pick them up. Somehow, I was allowed to get three other pairs of glasses, while Shelle got two pairs. 

Everything was insanely cheap. The checkup alone only cost $1 in the US per person, and the total cost for my three new pairs of glasses was only around $20 in the US. Lol, my mom and aunt wanted me to get these big frame glasses cuz they looked really cute on me and were really trendy. 

Lol, Shelle and I have been saying trendy a lot lately. 

A large portion of the teenage population here in Vietnam really like to look trendy or hipster, lol. :P I see a lot of cute guys with really awesome looking hair. And I see quite a few people with dyed hair, teenagers and adults alike. 

Also, people really do like wearing skinny jeans over here, which absolutely made no sense to me since it's so friggin HOT and MUGGY [it's been raining the whole time we'd arrive here and the weather says that it's still going to rain for the rest of the week D:]. A lot of people also like to wear jackets and long-sleeves, too, which is also completely mind boggling. O__O

Vietnamese people really know how to handle heat. That's all I'm saying. :)

Anyway, right now, I'm at an internet cafe with Shelle and my bro and one of our cousins who were here a while ago. It's hot since there are so many people and computers in one area, and it's loud since people keep on talking, but I don't really mind since I usually tune people out once my mind registers that they're Vietnamese conversations [I know, it's a bad habit from tuning out Mommy every time she yelled on the phone]. The majority of the people here are guys of every age, but mainly teenagers and kids, who are gamers.

We're still in the city, so it's been considerably easier to get internet over here, but we're going to visit Mommy's parents in the country sometime in the next few days, so I don't know how I'm going to be able to handle it, lol. If the last few days have been proof, then I'm not that dependent on using the internet.

I usually just check my mail and that's it. I've been reading stories off of Wattpad lately, but I only need the internet to update the stories, and there's so many stories in my library that I don't really need to update that much anyway. Plus, I've still got my real life books that I really should be reading. Right now, I'm trying to read Macbeth, but it's really hard to read it over long periods of time. Although I haven't had much time to read it anyway...

I can't believe that we've only been in Vietnam for a couple of days. It feels like we've been here for a while, but at the same time, it feels like we haven't been here for that long. Especially since all of our aunts and cousins keep on stuffing us with lots of different foods all of the time.

Seriously, it's worse than when we're at my grandma's house in the US. There, she feeds us all of the time so that we're never hungry except for when we wake up. At least there, we got to help make the food and exercise during the day. Here, we're constantly trying different foods or drinking the coffee that we all like or eating different fruits and such. And we don't have to do anything. They keep on telling us that our whole stay in Vietnam will consist of us eating and relaxing and doing no work. I will be extremely fat by the time we come home in a month. D:

It's going to kill me once we go back home since I'll be used to doing nothing but lazing around and eating 24/7. :P And I'm going to hate the lack of fresh fruit that you can only eat at Vietnam or other foreign Asian countries. ;__; 

Lol, I'll cry about that later. Like, when we're actually leaving. :P

Can you believe that 3:46 PM over here, but it's 2:46 AM over there?

Anyway, that's all for now folks!

I'll see you guys later!


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