Friday, May 27, 2011



I'm with Shelle at this awesome internet lounge. I'll upload pics later since I'm using one of the netbooks there and don't have my USB cord.
That is not me, by the way. :P
It's 8:33 AM over here, and we're to board our plane at 10:30. We actually arrived here around 6:30, I think.
The airport is super amazing. I can't believe how big and fancy it is. There's a whole bunch of shops [some of the same ones spread out all over the airport] and you can buy it in US currency or in Korean. Shelle and I stopped at a currency exchange place earlier and converted some of our moneys, so we now have Korean cash! :L Lol, I"m a fangirl; I know.

We were planning on getting something to eat, but we both weren't really hungry since we had just spent 14 hours sitting on a plane to arrive here.

The flight was pretty decent. I loved the takeoff since the turbalence felt like a rollar coaster ride, lol. Although it took a couple of hours for me to finally be able to go to sleep since the seats weren't very sleep-friendly. :P

And Shelle and I just spent $24 each on soveigners. I bought Krista this black hat that had a red K on the front and that said Korea on the back. Thought she'd like it since the K can stand for both her name and Korea. Shelle bought this pair of turtle cell phone keychains for her and her boyfriend.

And we spent some of our Korean won to buy random drinks that we wanted to try earlier. Shelle bought this iced green tea latte [I think it was a latte], and I bought this crushed pair drink and a Japanese apricot drink.

The green tea and pair drink were both very tasty. We haven't tried the apricot drink yet, though, since we decided to go to the internet lounge to charge Shelle's laptop and both of our iPods. Did you know that Korea and Vietnam uses 220 watt outlets while the US uses 110 watt outlets? We have to get adapters in order to plug our electronics in or else they'll be fried or something equally bad. So yeah, got to be extra careful where ever we go.

Anyway, I'm going to go now. Sorry for all of the misspellings and mistakes since this netbook doesn't have spellcheck [prolly cuz the language is in Korean], and I'll see you whenever! Don't know when the next time I'll have the time to get on, but I'm trying to take as many pictures as I can! [and failing, lol]

Argh, I forgot to tell you, my camera has a crack on the screen! D: I'm not even sure how it happened! ;__;

I'm logging off for reals now. :3

See ya~

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