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Even though I didn't really bother studying for either of my exams and read a whole bunch instead, I'm so glad that the exams are over. Now, we get to watch movies and chill in class. :D Also, my class is done in US History, so I get to chill in all of my morning classes. It's going to be great. Although I still have to do a lot of work in all of my afternoon classes. :(

I actually have a test in math tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I want to take it since I missed two days in class taking my AP exams, meaning that I missed most of the lessons since the class only started learning the stuff on Monday, which was when I was gone taking my AP Bio exam.

I also have one more test in Latin next Monday, and Magistra said that the grade cut off is next Wednesday, so I'm pretty sure that we won't be doing much stuff in any class afterwards. :L Can't wait!

Only seven more days until school's over if you don't count the weekend and finals [which I will hopefully be exempting all of if I do good on the math test tomorrow >__<]! I'm starting the countdown as of today. :D 

Anyway, today was pretty okay. 

Had to wake up early to get to school around 6:50 to get on the bus to go the exam center place thinger. When I got at the school, I met up with Emily since she had just gotten out of her car. We went to the senior dining room since that was where the AP students were supposed to meet and got our shirts that we designed and paid for from Milan. Our class shirt was different from 6th period's shirts. Our shirts were red with J'Rich Approved written like a stamp and a big comma where our belly buttons are at since Richardson is very anal when it comes to writing correct commas. That was the front; the back said "Everyone is Dirty" [something from All the King's Men by Robert Penn Warren] at the top and listed our class's names. 6th period's was purple that said "DOUBLE PLUS GOOD" on the front [something from 1984 by George Orwell] and a this super huge comma on the back almost the size of your head that had their class's names outlining it.

Taken from my new lappy top that I got on Saturday. It has a webcam. :D

While waiting for everyone to come, Taylor noticed that there was a jukebox in the room and started messing around with it. Then, Elena gave him a quarter and he kept on trying to get the little pages inside the machine to move so that he could see the other songs on there. It wouldn't move. In the end, he blasted on a Linkin Park song which kept on playing, making it sound like we were having a party in there. Lol, I wonder what all of the other kids in the cafeteria were thinking when they heard it. 

In the end, our teacher didn't even come and see us off when we left to load on the bus. So not supportive. :P

The place where we took our exam was at a different location compared to where I took my AP World History exam last year and my AP Bio exam on Monday. I took those at the Perry Board or Education. For AP Lang, we took it at this old store that was completely empty except for the rows upon rows of desks and chairs. The walls were completely bare and there was only one clock, and that was in the front of the room. It looked like a prison. :P

Very similar to this, except it had shorter rows.

Apparently, our school was the last one to arrive, which one of my friends told me, wasn't a surprise since it wasn't the first time that we were last. When we went into the place, we were so loud and obnoxious trying to find our seats, talking to eachother, and switching desks since some were too small for the guys. It was crazy. :)

The exam wasn't too bad. I only got tired during the last two passages during the multiple choice part of the exam. The free-response part was a lot more easier compared to the practice exam Richardson made us take during the EOCTs. I didn't have time to write a conclusion for my first essay and kind of went all over the place on the third essay, but I think I made at least a five on all of them. Hopefully, I'll get at least a three on both exams. :D

We got back to school around 12:30 and went to the multi-purpose room to get pizza for lunch. We had to leave a little before the bell rang for 6th period, but since Emily, Meethu, and I had planned on chilling and skipping our 6th period [Meethu had AP Psych which was already done with their exams and were watching Monsters Inc. and I had Graphics and we were just finishing up our last projects and making business cards], we went by the bathroom and our lockers before heading to Vance's class to watch a movie since his 6th period was AP US History, and they had already had their exam last week, meaning that they were done for the year [Emily had Vance for 6th period, so she was the only one not skipping, the good girl, lol]. Vance was cool enough to send my teacher an email saying that I was busy doing some make-up work for him and Godfrey was okay with that. 

We were watching Forest Gump, which was pretty entertaining considering how I hadn't watched the movie before. But, I spent half of my time doing some math problems, trying to study for the test tomorrow. I'm so going to fail if there's going to be logs on the test. D:

So, that was my first time skipping a class. Definitely not going to be my last, lol. But only during the end of school when I'm not learning anything. Actually, I'm planning on skipping tomorrow around 12 some time during Latin to hang out with Shelle to do some shopping in preparation for our Vietnam trip and eating the lunch box special at Sushi Thai for lunch that she kept on raving about.

....Don't judge me! It's not like I'll be doing anything important in the classes that I'm skipping! In Latin, we'll probably go over some stuff for the test [and I'll be there for half of the class anyway, so I'll get most of the lesson], we'll most likely be still continuing our projects in Graphics, and I'm already done with the project we're doing in Computing in the Modern World anyway. The project that we're supposed to be starting tomorrow isn't due until next Wednesday anyway, and I can easily finish it in two days.

Plus, I've hardly hung out with my sis since this whole school year started. We wanted some more bonding time while also getting ready for our five week trip.

Anyway, I've got to go and do my part of my group project in US History.

See ya later~

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