Saturday, May 7, 2011

An Overdue Update. Meaning: Be Prepared for an Epically Long Post

So, it's been a while since I last updated, huh?

Been busy. If I wasn't studying or babysitting, I was most likely reading. Or checking up on all of my updates on blogger. :P

I've read a lot of good books lately! Surprisingly, most of them were all contemporary. I think that the majority of the books I've read this year were contemporary, which is pretty shocking for me since I usually read every other genre other than contemporary books.

I mean, I've never had any amnesty towards contemp books before; they just never really held my attention compared to action and dystopian stories. I guess the main reason why I started reading contemp books recently was because I wanted to read stand alone books since I was tired of all of the series that were being released. You know how much I hate waiting for the next book in a series to come out. :P

Actually, I started reading my ARC of My Life Undecided by Jessica Brody yesterday, but I just couldn't get into it. I think it was the writing style. I guess I was too used to reading more serious plots that I couldn't really get used to the book's writing style which had more of a sassy/sarcastic, dramatic tone.

I was kind of disappointed that I couldn't enjoy the book. I had been wanting to read it for while since: one, it involved a blog [always interested in books that involve blogs since I have one, dur :P], two, the blurb on the back said that it was funny [you know how much I love books that make me lol :D], and three, the plot sounded interesting [although most plots sound interesting... XD].

But it was okay. After deciding that I'd read the book another time when I was more in the mood, I picked up The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg and was immediately engrossed in it. I had to stop myself at 11 the other night after reading three-fourths of the book because I knew that I'd never go to sleep if I had kept on reading it. It was really good. I'll try to post my mini review later next week.

Anyway, I'm so ready for next Thursday to be here! I have my AP Bio exam on Monday and AP Lang on Wednesday, and I just want them to be over with. I don't really care what I make on them --although I really do want at least a three on both of them.

I can't study anymore. It's literally impossible for me to try; I just fall asleep every time I try to review. I think Senioritis is starting to kick in.

That is not good. Even though we're not doing anything in US History anymore, I still have another test in Latin, a quiz in math, at least one more project in computer, and most likely a few more projects in graphics. I can slack off in most of my classes since I have 97+ average in them, but still, I want my GPA to be as high as it can get.

Speaking of grades, I got my ACT scores earlier this week, and my SAT scores a few weeks back. I think I did pretty well on them. Not super high, but good enough to qualify for the new requirements to get a full HOPE scholarship. Wasn't surprised to find out that my highest grades were in Reading. Lol, the perks of being a bookworm. :L

Had a crazy weekend last week.

On Saturday, Krista came over and we went for a walk with Brian and Danny to The Tiffany, this new neighborhood that's right behind us. Every time we saw the place, there were always more houses in the process of being built.

After that, we went back my cousins' house for a bit until their parents finally came home so I was off of work. Danny decided to stay the night with us [my mom called earlier to say that she wasn't coming home, which meant that we were home alone for the night], so we decided to have a nerf war again since everyone had guns. Well, except for me, but Brian had two so I used one of his.

It was just as awesome as the last time we had a nerf war, except that this time, it was even more epic. This time, we had split up into teams: Brian and Danny on one and Krista and me on the other. And since it was night, we decided to leave the lights off so that it'd be even harder to see each other. With only the lights on from the TV, which had the DVD player on to play our kickass background music [Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory], it was awesome.

After two breaks, I suddenly wanted to play DDR since no one's been on the Wii in ages. Krista immediately agreed so we started setting everything up while Brian and Danny went to the game room to play Xbox, what they always do on weekends.

So, Krista and I were completely failing at the dance routines since neither of us had played in forever, which meant that we were goofing off the whole time. Also, since we still only had on dance mat [almost everybody in my family has forgotten that we even own a Wii since it's in a closet, so we always forget to buy a second mat], that meant that only one person could play at a time. That was okay, though, one person would be on the mat, attempting to move their foot in the right directions while the other person would be standing near the player and attempt to do the actual dance moves that their avatar was doing.

Have you ever seen their dances? Some of them are friggin hilarious. Especially once you try to copy them. XD

Actually, I realized the irony of the night during one of Krista's crazy attempts on the mat that while everyone else was at prom [at both of our schools], here we were, dancing like crazy at home, prolly having more fun than the majority of the people there. We cracked up at that.

Honestly, neither of us had wanted to go to prom. One, my school's theme was so lame: under the sea. All I could think of was that they were going to decorate the place in a bunch of blue and somehow, fish were going to be involved, and I don't want to dress up all nice and go to some place where the theme makes me think that I'm drowning.

Plus, seniors get to go to the junior prom for free. Being the incredibly cheap person that I am [when you're a book addict, it's hard enough trying not to buy so many new books :P], I'd rather just go next year and not have to pay as much, what with buying a dress and all that jazz. Also, why would I want to go to prom twice? I'd rather go once and have it be all magical or whatever it'll turn out to be instead of going twice and end up comparing everything from the year before. 

In addition, I am an incredibly lazy person who also has a job that takes up six days of her week. When would I have the time to go dress shopping when I have to take care of five kids and study for mock exams and other tests? Also, if I went to prom both this year and next year, why would I want to deal with make-up and dates and last minute disaster twice? I'd rather deal with all of that once and be done with it. It'll just be one more memory of my high school days anyways.

No drama, pls. :P
Anyway, that wasn't all that had happened over the weekend. After Krista and I got tired of DDR, we decided to play Wii Sports. We did some training in boxing in the beginning and by the time that we were done with the game, Krista was a BEAST at the punching bag. She's got this right hook technique that completely killed those punching bags. Our arms were completely sore by the time we were done. XD

After that, we went up to my room and chilled for a bit until I got a call from Shelle saying that she was a couple of minutes away from home and that she brought some guy friends with her. She had called us earlier when the four of us were on a break in our nerf war, and we had decided that we were going to ambush them like the last time we did to my friends during our first nerf war.

So, Krista and I rushed downstairs, called the boys, grabbed our weapons, and started developing our strategy. We kept all of the lights off except for the one in my room and the game room to let them believe that that was where we all were, and we hid in different places around the garage door, planned on attacking them as soon as two people walked in.

After waiting for a couple of minutes, we heard Shelle and her friends, but it took them forever to actually come to the door. Justin, Shelle's boyfriend, was the first one to come in. Unfortunately, he was the only one to go inside the house, and he was walking too far in. If he went any further and looked to his right, he would have seen Krista and me hiding, so I started shooting him.

Pretty soon, everyone was out of their hiding spots and attacking him and everyone else in the garage. It was awesome. Shelle called us dorks. :D

After that, we chilled for the rest of the night and Shelle's friends eventually left.

The next day, I woke up pretty early compared to the rest of the teenagers in the house because my body never lets me sleep any later than 9:30 lately. But, everyone woke up around 11 since Danny forgot that we had our alarm on and opened the garage door to get something, setting off an extremely loud and intense beeping sound throughout the house.

I had to run back into my room to read the off code and then run all the way into my parent's room to punch the code in to stop the alarm. By then, everyone was awake and pissed. I had to stand by the house phone since I knew that we'd be getting a call from the alarm company asking if everything was alright. Then, a little bit later, a police officer came by to check up on us. I did not know that they actually did that. Apparently Shelle already knew about it though, since she said that an officer came by the last time it happened, too. Where was I when it occurred?

Anyway, around one, Krista's step-mom picked us up to take us to the mall since Krista needed a new jacket and a new pair of shoes. We had to go to the mall in town which really sucks since it doesn't have that many stores that we'd usually shop in. However, Krista was being very open-minded that day, so we ended up going to all of the clothing stores, even the preppy ones that her old self would have never agreed to step inside. I'm so proud that she's finally growing up! XP

Even though we went to every clothing store at the mall and spent forever looking at shoes, in the end, I ended up buying more clothes than she did. She bought a cardigan, which she only tried on because I was interested in getting one myself and ended up liking, and a shirt while I got a cardigan, a shirt, two pairs of shorts, and a belt. Even though we looked at nearly a billion pairs of shoes, none of them looked awesome enough for Krista to buy, which was quite disappointing.

However, for once, we didn't have to rush while shopping [her mom was picking us up at 5:30 and it was only a little past 1:30 by the time we got there], and I hadn't went clothes shopping since the beginning of the year, so it was really nice. We had a great time at the mall just chilling, making fun of each other, and perusing clothes at our leisure.

But, all fun must come to an end some time. Krista had to go home after dropping me off at my house later that day. It was fun hanging out with her since it had been forever since we last saw each other. Since I was going to be gone for a month after school ends, we really wanted to hang out as much as we could.

Actually, my mom has been steadily preparing for our trip to Vietnam for the past couple of weeks. She went through the bags of clothes that Shelle and I didn't want anymore and sorted out clothes that our family over there could want, told Shelle that she needed her to buy some iPods for some of our family members who want them but can't buy them in Vietnam, told me that she wants to buy one of those internet cards that let's you go on the internet wherever you are, and has gotten Shelle and me little carry-on luggage to put in extra clothes and essentials in case the planes lose our luggage.

All that I've done so far for the upcoming trip is writing a list of books that I want to bring. There's a lot of books to choose from that I'll prolly decide on later when we're close to leaving. And I've already asked my friends what they wanted as a souvenir, although I really should have written them down since all I remember is that a couple of them want those rice paddy hats that you could easily get at a farmers market in Atlanta. -__-

Oh yeah, and I bought me this awesome bookbag as a carry-on for the trip on Monday night when Shelle and I were at Wally World, getting some stuff. It's green and has that green mushroom that you see in the Super Mario games. It's flippin awesome. Especially since it has a compartment to hold my laptop in. :D

I bought my bookbag a few days before my mom got me a little carry on luggage. How many carry-ons can you bring on a plane?

Oh yeah, get this: we're going on Korea Airlines [I think that's what it's called] and stopping at Korea to switch planes or something. How awesome is that?! We're going to be in Korea! Omg, I almost freaked out when I found out about that. XD

If, by some miracle, I manage to see a Kpop star at the airport, I think I will die from pure happiness. Life would not be better. Unless I somehow got their autograph. :L What? A girl can wish? XD

Anyway, I think that this post has gone on long enough. :P I'll try to update more regularly from now on and spare you these super long posts, especially since school's almost over and all, but, who knows. I seriously doubt that I'll be able to blog much once we're in Vietnam, though.

We'll see. :)


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