Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update & I'm Gonna Be Gone For a While

At midnight, my family and I are going to board a plane to go on a 22 hour flight to Vietnam, stopping in South Korea for a 6 hour layover. I'm feeling part dread, part anticipation, and part impatience over all of this.

Dread because I'm going to be feeling so confused and out of place in Vietnam since I can barely understand the language, let alone speak it. Especially since we're going to visit family all over Vietnam where almost every place has a different dialect. D: Anticipation because this is going to be my second time visiting Vietnam --the first time was when I was 6, so I barely remember anything-- and because we're going to be in SOUTH KOREA for a little bit. As a major Kpop fangirl, this is extremely awesome just being able to be in South Korea even though I won't be able to leave the airport (I think... XP). And I feel impatient from all of the packing and nagging and cleaning and ordering reverberating around the house for the past few days. I want to go already and be done with all of these preparations. 

I'm finished packing my large suitcase that my mom put other stuff that we're bringing to Vietnam for our family, and I'm pretty much done packing my small carry-on luggage. I'm just waiting to finish packing my backpack to see what stuff I might want to put in the little carry-on luggage if the backpack gets too heavy. 

What I've done so far in packing the pack. :P
Since Shelle has stolen my phone charger (and she's off to her apartment that 'rents have no idea she ) and I need my old laptop to play some music for me (I haven't had time to transfer any of my music or documents from my old lappytop to my new one yet, which I'm typing on right now. ^^), I'm waiting until around the last minute to finish packing my backpack. 

I brought 7 books for the trip. Not sure if I'll even have time to read them while I'm over there, but I do know that I'll have plenty of time to read on the plane. :) Plus, if I somehow manage to read all of my books and am not interested in reading any of Shelle's books, I still have plenty of ebooks and stories to read on my iPod. :L

If this was any normal month in the summer, I would have finished reading 7 books within 2 weeks at the most. But, since I'll be out of the country for a month, traveling all over Vietnam, I won't have much time to read, and that saddens me just a little bit. Not only because I can't live a day without reading something, but also because I have stacks and piles of TBR that I honestly really want to read. Plus, I also have to read a giant pile of AP Lit books this summer, too. =3=

The pile of TBR books on just my headboard.
Anyway, thought I'd give you a quick update on what's been happening lately. Well, besides the packing and preparing, anyway. :P

On last Thursday night, I went out with Sydne and Shanice to watch the midnight premiere of Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides. My mom didn't mind since even though it was a school night, that Friday was my last day of school since I didn't have any finals. 

We went out to eat at Mellow Mushroom where some of Sydne and Shanice's friends had already saved seats for us. I didn't know that we were having more people hanging out with us for the premiere, especially since they were all freshman, but they were pretty cool. After we ate and goofed off outside, we finally got to go inside and take our seats. Since we had a lot of people with us, we practically took up a whole row. 

The movie was pretty good. Jack Sparrow was... well, Jack Sparrow. You know how he is: drunk, goofy, and never really serious. A couple of times, people in the audience were actually applauding Sparrow after he did something only he would do. 

On the way home, one of the freshies [yeah, I suck at names. Don't judge me! :P] was checking online and told us that there was a scene after the credits that practically says that there could to be a sequel, which basically means that there will be one since Disney loves milking everything for what they're worth. 

Then, on Sunday, I went to the dollar theater with Brianna, Breanna, and Jackie to watch I Am Number Four  [the movie was much better than the book; prolly cuz there wasn't as much cheesy scenes, lol], walked to Taco Bell which right next to this Japanese fast food place that's right across the theater's parking lot to eat a late lunch, and then walked back to the theater in time to watch Rango

It was pretty fun, and we viewed the whole day as a last lunch buddies time to hang out for a while, since school was out for all of us except for Jackie who didn't exempt some of her classes and had to take the finals this week. 

On Tuesday, I went to with Shelle to see her apartment that she, Chris, and their new occupant, James, leased for the rest of the year. I helped her move some furniture that they had bought and left at Chris's parents' house a while ago with Josh, who I met a few times, mainly at both Bearstocks that I went to. There was some unfairness that had happened recently, and on that day, to Shelle between Chris's parents that I'd rather not go into since I'd just rather not; I'd get too worked up and angry, and I'm tired of feeling irritated so much lately. 

So yeah, that's what happened at the apartments. Shelle was originally going to tell the 'rents that she was moving out, but the other week, Mommy or Daddy had told her that they were going to get her a new car in November [which means that I get her old car], so she doesn't want to screw anything up. She decided to just keep the whole apartment thing a secret since she hardly comes home as it is so the 'rents won't even know that she's staying the night in her apartment instead of her friends' dorm or something, and also because she already payed the lease and stuff. After the lease is over, she's going to take everything that's in her room in the apartment and bring it home. 

Yesterday, Shelle and I went to go watch Fast Five at the movie theater that was near our house at 12:10, so that we'd have time to be back home before the kids came home since we thought that we still had to babysit. Before the movie started, I called Mommy to tell her where we were since she was expecting us to still be at home packing by the time she got home, whenever that was. She told us that we didn't have to babysit today since our aunts and uncles were home, which was awesome. 

Fast Five was also pretty good. There were plenty of action scenes and we were both surprised to find Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was also in the movie. I mean, I never thought I'd see Vin Diesel and The Rock battle it out in a movie. They're both huge! O__O And the scene after the credits! There's going to be another movie! I don't know if I'm happy that there's going to be more movies for this series or irritated that it's not going to end anytime soon. :\

Since it was only noon, the earliest times movie were shown, no one else was in the theater except for my sis and I, which was great since we got to talk out loud throughout the whole movie and put our feet on the seats in front of us. And we sat in the very back row since we've never tried before, lol. 

After the movie was over, Shelle and I decided to sneak into the theater adjacent from ours and watch Thor since we didn't have to babysit, it started in five minutes, and no one was around to see us go in. Plus, there were only a handful of people who went to watch the movie, so we go another seat near the back again. 

I don't know if it was because Fast Five was so action packed and pulse-pounding, but Thor wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be, and we ended up leaving with only 30 minutes left of the movie since Shelle and I weren't that interested in it and since she was really hungry. -__-" We didn't feel too bad about missing the end of the movie since we didn't even pay for the tickets to it. :P

Although we did see a trailer for X-Men: First Class, which looked awesome. I can't believe I won't be in the country to watch it though! Plus, Jennifer Lawrence is in it! I want to see more of her acting chops since she's playing Katniss for The Hunger Games!

Check the trailer out!

After we left we were planning on going to eat at Anna's Cafe, which the signs says that it's an Asian cafe, which was near the movie theater, but after going up to the door and seeing the menu, revealing that it was a normal Asian restaurant, we decided to try the Bare Bulb Cafe which was a little further down from Anna's Cafe to see what they had to offer.

We ended up eating a slice of cheesecake [Shelle's] and a big cinnamin bun with cream cheese spread on top [mine], and a mango smoothie [Shelle's]. I had originally planned on ordering a sandwich so we'd end up sharing everything, but apparently, the place stopped making them after 2, which totally sucked. 

But whatever. The place was really cool. They sold a lot of pastries and even sold gelato. I would totally stop by for breakfast before school, you know, someone would teach me how to drive so I can finally get my license. :P

Also, I finished reading Mockingjay this morning at 2. All I can say is: Wow.

Mockingjay was one draining, emotional read. I did not expect anything that had happened in the book, and I wish that some things could have happened differently. Like some people's deaths and how Katniss reacted and did [or didn't do]. 

Still, even though I didn't like how some parts ended up, I really liked the book. Suzanne Collins really shows the bleak, dark side of what comes with war in Mockingjay

I can already tell that I'm going to be thinking about the book for quite a while. 

So, that's basically what's been happening lately. 

I was debating on whether I should schedule posts for the rest of the month or just not update until I get back or update whenever I get a chance to be on the internet over there, but I decided to stick to the last choice since I'm all for the real, the candid posts. :P

I mean, I do have quite a bit of posts already written that I can publish throughout the month, but it wouldn't be the same, especially since I won't be able to update regularly like I usually do. All of the other posts would basically be like fillers on my blog since I don't only post reviews and memes.

So yeah, just be prepared for epically long posts once I do get a chance to get on! 

Actually, I might be able to post at the airport if I can find an outlet and my old lappytop doesn't decide to crap out on me and get the free wi-fi. -__-"

We're leaving at 6 tonight to go to the airport, which means that we'll prolly be there around 8, and who knows how long it'll take to get everything checked out and stuffid. 

Until then~

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