Monday, July 4, 2011

A Happy Fourth Hiatus!

Happy fourth of July! Who's lighting up fireworks tonight? :D

Most likely not me seeing as I have no plans for tonight, lol.

Anyway, I came back on the 1st a few days ago. I was planning on blogging sometime during that day, but jetlag and generally laziness had me procrastinating for the longest time. Plus, I've really been addicted to reading Kingdom Hearts fanfiction lately... stayed up til 4 this morning finishing reading a story. -__-"

As you can tell from the title, I decided to still have a little hiatus. At least for the books and reviewing part on my blog anyway. I'll still be posting on here, but I want to blog about my experience in Vietnam because for one, Shelle and I took over 3,000 pictures over there, two, I really want to talk about revelations and realizations while over there, and three, I want to show off the beauty that is Vietnam that I saw while staying over there for five weeks. 

So if you can't handle a little cultural experience for the next few weeks, I suggest you go visit another blog. :P

I'm not sure when I'll stop being such a lazy procrastinator and actually start writing these posts (and finish putting everything away now that I think about it...), but rest assured! It will eventually happen! I should prolly get all of the pics from Shelle first anyway...

I should prolly add that I've been sick ever since the day we left Vietnam --I know, sounds pretty ominous, lol-- which is most likely also the other reason why I've been tired so early at night and not wanting to really do anything that involved a lot of brain cells. (My reason for not posting anything! :P)

So, that's it for now. I'll see you soon!


  1. hia i like ur blog

  2. wow i just found ur blog today and spent 4 hours reading past comments. i quess u could say as the other person did "i like ur blog"