Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pokemon Apokelypse: Live Action Trailer

Lol, this is a fan-made video called Pokemon Apokelypse: Live Action Trailer, but it still looked pretty interesting. Some of the Pokemon look pretty different from their original design and the plot sounds a little unoriginal, but I think this is a really good fan-made video for a Pokemon movie.

What do you think? Would you watch it?

If it was ever made, I think I'd only watch it if it was on tv or something. Like, it's interesting sounding enough ...just not enough for me to pay money to watch. :P

Also, you should check out Smosh's POKEMON IN REAL LIFE! It's hilarious while still being accurately true to the games.

I'm trying to stop procrastinating and start writing those posts about Vietnam, but it's so hard, especially since there's so many things distracting me. Plus, I am lazy. But you know that already. :P

Gotta go~ For the past few hours, I've been finding some hilarious pics about a certain magical movie. Be prepared. XD

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