Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm Home. School Tomorrow. D: My Future.

So, like I expected, I wasn't able to update much for the past few weeks. 

Here's a basic summary of what's been up: I did my AP Lit homework during the mornings and afternoons; my cousins from VA came over last Monday; my cousins and everyone in my family except me went to FL to go to the beach on Tuesday (they left at 3 in the morning O__O) and came back Wednesday night while I worked and finished reading my last AP Lit book; after dropping my cousins off at the airport on Thursday, my dad and sis dropped me off at my grandma's house where I stayed there (and at Megan and Nicole's house at night where we ate, read, watched dramas and music shows; they're really into Miss A) until today when Shelle came up with her bf and Vi; we ate at Happy Valley where we saw an old family friend (Ba Loan) who was one of the servers; then went to the Mall of GA to return this pair of Toms that Shelle couldn't fit at Nordstrom that Megan and Nicole bought for her as a late birthday gift and then spent a short amount of time shopping (I finally found a bag that I could wear to school); then we ate fruit bingsoo, potbingsoo, and a waffle at the Arte 3 Cafe, which had some redecorating since the last time I saw it (and it was a lot more crowded, too); after that, we went home.

Ever since I came home, I've been doing random last minute stuff for getting ready for school tomorrow, like putting paper in my AP Lit binder, which is already going to be graded tomorrow for all of the summer assignments we had and finding pens and pencils that I'm planning on bringing to school. Hard work, I know. :P

Also, everybody's been asking me if I'm ready for school since it's tomorrow and all that. Why do I keep on getting exasperated sighs and/or anger whenever I tell them "No, I'm not ready.... I want it to be summer longer"? My mom told me that I better not tell my dad that or else he'd get really mad, and I'm wondering why?

Just because I'm going to be a senior doesn't mean that I'm going to be happy about it. I still don't know what major I want to do, and I still don't know what college I want to go to. And it sucks because I honestly don't know what type of career I want to go into. I thought that I wanted to do something in computers, but I'm not sure if I'll like it since the computer classes I took at school were nothing like what I thought I wanted to major in. Plus, my dad's been trying to persuade me into being a land lawyer or an accountant ever since he couldn't get through to Shelle. People have been telling me and persuading me into going into this career or that major or telling me that I should screw my parents and do whatever I want or else I'd never be happy, but I don't know what I want to do.

I'm an indecisive person. I hardly ever know what I want (besides the basic necessities), especially for my future. I'm always busy or preoccupied doing something that I never really have time to research or question myself what type of future career I want to get into. 

All I know is that I love reading. I can't go a day without reading something. And I know that whatever profession there is for a booklover like me, it won't pay as much as I want it to, and I know that I'll probably end up losing my passion for reading, which is something that I really don't want to happen.

I like reading, but I don't want a job in that type of career; I like writing, but I know that I could never only be a writer; I like math, but I'm pants at remembering formulas for long periods of time; I like science, but I can't retain the information for long periods of time; I like history, but I suck at remembering dates; I'm pretty sure I'd like psychology, if I ever take the class. There's not much that I dislike. But I'm never great at any particular thing or subject, except reading. 

See the problem here?

I'm gonna go. I don't even know how or why I started writing/ranting about all of this. If it was to look for answers, it didn't help. -__-"


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