Monday, August 1, 2011

My Last First Day of High School

Gah. School makes me so tired. -__-

Actually, the day started off in a frantic hurry. My friend, Emily, was picking me up at 7, and somehow or another, I didn't wake up to my alarm that was supposed to go off at 6:30, so I woke up around 6:49 and had to run around the house and get ready around 10 minutes. It was a good thing that we had already decided to stop by McDonalds to get breakfast, cuz I really didn't have any time to grab any before I left.

My schedule is pretty random when you look at it. I have AP Calc AB for first period, current issues second period, physics third, graphics 2 fourth, intro to engineering fifth, AP Lit sixth, and marketing principals seventh period.

I already had my AP Calc teacher's husband for Acc Math 2 sophomore year (yeah, they have so much in common :P), and I saw both of them at the midnight premiere of Harry Potter, which was both weird and strange; you never really see your teachers outside of school, ya know? Also, they were going to sit next to me in the theater since they thought that there were two empty seats beside me since Emily went to go refill her drink at the time. That would have been so awkward! O__O

But yeah, Mrs. Grange is making me regret taking the class by telling us how much work and effort we're going to have to put into the class and how we can't fail the class since we're the first special case classes for the whole AP math stuff since we got the new curriculum and stuff. Plus, we already have to do work starting tomorrow. I think we're getting our books in the next few days, too. D:

Current issues sounds like a super easy class. Coach Lewis told us that we were going to read a newspaper article or something small and write our opinion on it. And we don't have tests, which is awesome. I think the class is going to be my homework class, lol.

Physics... the teacher seems pretty awkward. We're doing some getting to know you and physics stuff in there, so I don't know how hard the class is going to be, especially since I've had some friends who passed the class with 100's and some who pretty much managed to scrape by, and they're all honor students. So, we'll see~

I'm sad that I only have one person from my graphics class with me this year, but I know a few other people in there, so it's not that bad. Plus, it's a pretty small class, so I know that we won't be fighting for computers this year. Unless people get schedule changes and the class grows...

I only know one person in engineering, and he's prolly going to leave since he was supposed to have woodshop, so I have no idea how it's going to be in there. The class is really full, and the majority of the students are guys, and I'm pretty sure there's only a few seniors in there. But, the teacher doesn't give homework and only expects us to do work inside the class and we're going to be doing a lot of projects, so I'm interested in there.

I know the majority of people in AP Lit, which is awesome since I can easily find someone to help with homework or gripe about the class. The teacher's really cool, and I think I'll like the class since I like reading and all that jazz. I'm pretty sure I'll fail at the in-class essays though, since it usually takes me forever to figure what to write about and articulate it on paper, especially when I'm timed. -__-"

I only know Madison in marketing, and she's trying to get out of the class. Emily told me that it's extremely easy, and if you join DECA (which Emily's forcing me to do), you get extra credit and stuff. The class is pretty huge, but I can already tell that there's some jokers in there, so I don't think it'll be too bad.

School really does drain a person. But, at least I don't have to ride the bus anymore~ Emily's taking me. Hopefully, by next semester, I'll have my driver's license so I can drive to school myself. :)

Anyway, a little bit after I got home, Sydne and Aliesha stopped by for a surprise visit (since they're both in college now and I hadn't seen them in forever), so I finally got to give them their souvenirs, and after finding out that today was Shanice's birthday, we decided to stop by her house to wish her happy birthday and see if she could hang out. 

So we went to her house and I gave her her souvenir, which was also a rice paddy hat, and then we went around Warner Robins while Sydne went shopping for her dorm room. After that, we went to this Mexican restaurant that we usually go to that's near our house, for dinner and hung out there for a while catching up. Man, did we have a lot to talk about! :P

So yeah, I think this was a pretty awesome last first day of high school. :D Especially since I was just planning on filling out scholarship applications and reading some poems that I was supposed to read over the summer when I got home today. :P

lol, so truuee, although my school started today :P

Anyway, that's it for now~ I'll keep you updated. :)

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