Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book Review: Vampire Rising (Alex Van Helsing, #1)

Title: Vampire Rising (Alex Van Helsing, #1)
Author: Jason Henderson
Pages: 272
Publication: May 1, 2010
Publisher: HarperTeen
Summary taken from goodreads:
The Van Helsing name reborn.

Fourteen-year-old Alex has no idea that he's descended from the world's most famous vampire hunter, but that changes fast when he arrives at Glenarvon Academy and confronts two vampires in his first three days. Turns out Glenarvon isn't the only school near Lake Geneva. Hidden deep underground lies an ancient university for vampires called the Scholomance. And the deadly vampire clan lord known as Icemaker? You might say he's a visiting professor.

When two of Alex's friends are kidnapped by Icemaker, it's up to Alex to infiltrate the Scholomance and get them back—alive. Assisted by the Polidorium, a top-secret vampire-hunting organization with buried ties to the Van Helsings, Alex dodges zombies, bullets, and lots—and lots—of fangs on his way to thwarting Icemaker's plans and fulfilling his family destiny.



So, I decided to do lists instead of a review this time.

  • lots of action
  • funny moments for comic relief
  • Alex did NOT end up with a girl
  • manga was mentioned quite a bit throughout the book
  • characters have some pretty awesome names (Icemaker, Minhi, Sangster)
  • Alex wears glasses (so far, he's the only protag that I've read who actually wears glasses besides Harry Potter)

  • nothing really although the plot was slightly predictable since it uses quite a few of the same elements that are typical in an action series (parents don't tell him his heritage, bullied at school, etc.)

A good beginning of a series that will definitely interest young males.

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